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4 Self-Improvement Lessons From Covid-19 | Yasmine Khattab | Ramadan Series


If you could write down all the lessons you learned from Covid-19, how long would the list be?

Each one of us has had our own mini-adventure in the past year. With its ups and downs, it has been nothing less of a challenge.

See, being social animals, we crave interaction; we thrive on it. Covid-19 lockdowns, especially the first wave, enforced restrictions none of us could have foreseen.

Apart from being cut off from your family and friends, everything less suffered just as much. Numerous people went through severe financial conditions, our job and social norms changed.

Even though we were faced with challenging odds, humans preserved, as always. However, Covid-19 is yet to be just a chapter in our history. In many parts of the world, it continues to infect and take lives.

Therefore, you should stay proactive, practice social distancing, wear a mask, and adhere to Covid-19 restrictions.

On the flip side, the lessons learned from Covid-19 have taught us a great deal.

To wrap up this phenomenal Ramadan series, we talked to Yasmine Khattab, a wellness and movement coach. She gave us helpful insight and positive self-improvement lessons to combat Covid-19.

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Who Is Yasmine Khattab?

lessons from covid-19

4 Self-Improvement Lessons From Covid-19

lessons from covid-19

A Powerful Mindset

Mind over matter – a famous saying that emphasizes the importance of the mind.

It all starts with a thought.

If you think about being scared more and more, then fear will take over your mind, and its paralyzing effects will dominate the body as well.

“Learning the power of the mindset has completely been a game-changer for me. It has really powered me through this time,” says Yasmine.

So how does one go about building a solid mindset?

If you are a meditation fan, you might have noticed the surge in mindfulness. The concept of mindfulness is simple, become aware of your present. Tune out all of the extra noise in your head, the thoughts, the commentary, the flashbacks, and imagination – tune in to your surroundings and environment.

Mindfulness is a skill that helps build an unshakable mindset.

Also, studies found that mindfulness meditation helps increase the level of T-cells. These cells aid your body in fighting cancer and other diseases.

Being more in sync with yourself and your environment can also boost your mental health. The plethora of positives of mindfulness are tremendous, and more are being discovered as science progresses.

Be Patient

“It’s not a linear process. There will always be ups and downs,” remarks Yasmine as she talks about the second lesson from Covid-19.

The two go hand in hand. Whether you are trying to bring self-improvement or adjusting to the new norms of life, patience is vital.

Patience is the ability to stay calm in adverse situations. See, it can be frustrating when you keep returning to old toxic habits, or things around you don’t go according to plan.

However, lashing out at yourself or others neither improves the situation nor makes you feel better. After all, how many of us take a mental guilt trip when we criticize someone out of anger?

Patience is necessary to cope with whatever life throws at you and to bring change.

Honing your patience is good for your mental health too. A 2007 study found that patient people experienced less depression and negative emotions.

Apart from solid mental health, patient people also experience fewer headaches, ulcers, diarrhea, and have better quality sleep.

To cultivate this fruitful skill, you must learn how to calm the stormy tides in your head. Patience and self-control are two sides of the same coin. Next time you feel like flaring up, talk to yourself and control your reactions.

Become conscious of your reactions and regulate your emotions – these are your starting steps to cultivating patience.

Ask For Help

Yasmine shares another crucial learning lesson from Covid-19, asking for help. There is no harm in asking for a helping hand now and then.

Not only do we all need support, but Covid-19 has also shown us the strength in unity – socially distant unity.

“Covid-19 has made it acceptable for others to seek help and to ask for help because we are all in this together,” says Yasmine as she emphasizes the importance of taking support from one another.

There will be times when you don’t feel like working. Regardless of you being the helper, there will be times when you don’t feel like lifting others up. Instead, you’ll want someone to come to lift you up.

So don’t ignore this feeling. Instead, reach out to someone you trust, a family member or friend.

Learn New Things

This is Yasmine’s final lesson from Covid-19. Rightly so, as we have seen the rise of working and studying from home.

Many of us had to learn how to use Zoom, stay productive at home, and use internet skills to keep up with work or study from home.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to learning new things. This is perhaps the most important lesson from Covid-19. If you want to be prepared for anything life throws at you, either have the necessary knowledge to cope or be prepared to learn the skills needed.

Numerous individuals had to shift their services or products online. Those who were already tech and social media savvy got ahead. So, it always pays to be prepared.

Apart from the financial benefits of learning new things, it’s also good for your mental health and social life. Learning new things helps to curb boredom. Rather than scrolling endlessly through your timeline, you can engage in a new past time.

These four lessons from Covid-19 have helped Yasmine turn these dreadful days into something positive – a learning and growing experience.

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Yasmine’s Life Advice

lessons from covid-19

Wrapping up Yasmine’s lessons from the Covid-19 session, she dropped a few pieces of timeless advice.

Be Compassionate

She starts talking about being compassionate. This is not just for others but for yourself as well. We often go out of our ways to help others. Yet, when we commit a mistake, we come crashing down on ourselves.

Being compassionate with yourself and others starts with the right words. Nothing is more effective on the brain than words. Be compassionate to yourself, and you deserve it.

Tap Into Your Creativity

This next piece of advice falls in line with one of the lessons from Covid-19 above, learn new things.

“Find things that you actually love doing. I really do believe in the power of hobby. Tap into something you used to do as a child and really just do it,” says Yasmine.

Again, the benefits of tapping into your creativity to learn new things can be a game-changer. Learning new things helps you build new pathways in your brain; it makes you more interesting and can even open up new financial doors for you.

Final Note

Covid-19 has changed so much we held dear about life. The long nights out with friends, the spontaneous travel plans, and even simple things like going to watch a movie.

However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. These lessons from Covid-19 can help turn the tables for you.

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