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Introducing Jogger Pants 2.0 | Back Stronger, Wiser

jogger pants

When out there, the pressure and winds are always against you. Every athlete and trainer realizes the importance of improving. If you don’t, then your competitor is way ahead of you

Squat Wolf values and respects the philosophy of progress. Our jogger pants are devised from a similar mindset. First Generation was a success yet it made us even hungrier.
Overwhelmed by the praise, we saw a bigger responsibility.

Jogger Pants 2.0

2.0 is where we land. Your feedback, expert opinion, and our innovative struggle got us here.
We are proud to have such wolves in the shape of engaging customers and ambassadors.

Jogger Pants 2.0 is what we aimed for, and we are delighted to motive it. Each component is re-done, re-imagined, and re-thought. Your performance is what matters to us. So we bring Joggers Pants 2.0 for a competitive tomorrow.

Let’s look at some of the new features:

jogger pants 2.0

Many trainers are fond of cuffed bottoms. Keeps them focused and gripped on every stride. However, some research follows and portrays a better alternative.

Tapered zippers with cuffed bottoms worked better in our tests, here is why!

Gym Wear requires a deeper understanding and an athlete’s perspective. Our study and assembling has made us to place ankle zippers with tapered bottoms. Works best for the athlete for wear with ease and adjust with need.

jogger pants 2.0

Stretch and free motion is vital for a trainer to express himself with freedom.

Jogger Pants 2.0 has room for extra gathering around calves and knees. Now any squat, jump or any other bender you want to pull off, do it with more flexibility.

2.0 introduces a double panel leg gusset for further flexibility and agility.

Often you realize the uncomforted fit around the groin area as you stretch while performing out there. Our solution resolves more than just the flexibility. Lets you move faster and smarter.

jogger pants 2.0 maroon

In the quest to let you fly, we worked on getting the fabric more durable and flexible.

Get a softer and smoother feel with Double Cotton. Keeping the fabric at 300 GSM, it has enhanced the breathability and flexibility. Our ratio to Elastane reaches perfection to give you an ultimate performance.

jogger pants 2.0

Heat-sealed reverse zipper pockets are the next generation thing. We brought the piece to give you a peace of mind for your valuables. Keep them safe and dry while working out.

Moreover, keep your hands safe from scratches with the reversed pocket and covered zipper.

The contest keeps getting tougher. We want to make sure you get all the right pieces.

Let us take the responsibility for the wear.

Available in Black, Melange Grey, Port Maroon and Denim Blue.

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