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International Friendship Day : Perks Of Having A Gym Partner


It’s International Friendship Day ya’ll and we are here to enlighten you with all the perks of working out with your friends.

You know what they say friends who sweat together stay together!!

Okay maybe they don’t say that, but we know it’s true. Exercising with your bestie is a great way to keep yourself motivated to hit the gym.

A Harvard Paleoanthropologist and author, Daniel Lieberman says “Nothing works as effectively as exercising with friends,”

He says most people are concerned with their motivation levels when it comes to exercising and the effective solution is “the buddy system”. You grab a friend and take them to the gym so you could both suffer together. Makes life a little easier, doesn’t it?

We kid!

Here are five benefits to why working out with your bestie is good for you and your fitness routine.


The toughest part about fitness is accountability. People who are stern with themselves and have absolute discipline are the only ones that can go to the gym every day without fail. As for the rest of us? Well, we have our days.

So, when you are having one of those “days”, where you don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone hit the gym, your workout buddy plays a crucial role.

They will help you stick to your exercise commitments by banging on your front door until you open it, or a more effective method, physically drag you out of your bed and carry you to the gym.


Another big factor when it comes to exercising every day. The struggle is real friends! Motivation is not easy to come by for some people. In that case, a friend in need steps up and sets you straight.

A gym buddy can push you to go to the gym, beat your personal reps, or encourages you to do a few more reps. You can do the same for your friend when they are feeling a bit lazy. It is a win-win situation for both of you.

Friendly Competition

What’s life without a little friendly competition? Boring, that’s what!

Competition is a great way to motivate each other to do better when it comes to working out. Be it running, cardio, or strength training.  Exercising with friends is fun and healthy competition can give a bit of an extra boost.


Variety is the spice of life!

Going to the gym every day and doing the same ol’ exercises in rotation day in and day out can be a bit tedious. It can lead to a lack of motivation resulting in you not working out at all.

This is where a partner helps tremendously. You and your gym buddy could pair up and do exercises together. You could try your friend’s workout routine and vice versa to keep things interesting.


Going for dinners, on a night out, and dancing with friends is fun, so why should working out be equally fun?

Going to the gym regularly can seem like a chore, but if you have a gym buddy, you can enjoy it as a fun activity done together. It also strengthens the bond between two people. After a robust workout session, you two can grab food or coffee and make a day out of it.

Key Takeaway

The overall experience of having a gym buddy is much more enhanced because of the friendship factor. You are not only relieving stress by engaging in physical activities that result in the release of feel-good hormones but you are also fulfilling your emotional needs by talking to your gym buddy. It is something like free therapy with added perks. Who doesn’t want free therapy? Right!?

We hope this International Friendship Day, you find yourself a gym buddy to help you reach your fitness goals.

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