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How to Get Bigger Forearms

How to Get Bigger Forearms

To get bigger forearms, you need to work on them with isolated workouts. Forearms muscles are one of the neglected ones; just like the neck muscles or the calves.

Most of the time, the deserted muscles can lead to inefficient workouts or consequently; injure you.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to get bigger forearms, what workouts are best, and what are some tips which can improve your overall workout?

Forearms Anatomy

Many trainers suggest there is no need to train the forearms in isolation. If you do heavy barbell exercises such as deadlifts or bench presses. They don’t realize how complex the form is.

There are 20 different muscles between the elbow and the wrist. Isolated forearm workouts help engage the smaller muscle as well.

We can divide them between two; Anterior (front) and Posterior (back).


Forearm Muscle Motion

Anterior muscles perform the flexion of the wrist and fingers. Whereas, posterior muscles perform wrist and finger extension.

Muscles that move the fingers are located in the forearms, and operate the fingers via long tendons.



Grip intensive exercises like farmers walks are effective for the forearms. Even though there isn’t any flexion or extension, they contract the forearms muscles isometrically by keeping fingers flexed and wristed clenched.

Brachioradialis Muscle

Out of twenty muscle in the forearm, five muscles perform elbow flexion or curling.

Out of the five, Brachioradialis muscle is the most prominent muscle.

Located in the forearm, Brachioradialis enables flexing of the elbow joint. It also assists in pronation (palms facing down) and supination (palms facing up) of the forearm.

What is better; Supination or Pronation?

Brachioradialis muscle is equally engaged in neutral supinated and pronated positions, according to a research paper. Biceps are strongest in the supinated position or when the palms are facing up.

Due to the supporting role of biceps, the best way to target brachioradialis is with a reverse grip or pronated position.

Peak Impact on Brachioradialis

The peak torque for the brachioradialis happens between 100 to 120 degrees, whereas for biceps the peak force is 80 degrees, according to research.

Therefore, the best work out for brachioradialis muscle is reverse grip barbell curl. Keeping the rep partial in the top half of the range

Best Wrist Forearm Workouts

For maximum impact, it is best to perform at least one wrist flexion and one wrist extension.

For wrist flexion, the best workouts are dumbbell wrist curl rested on the bench. For a variation, you can use a barbell.

For wrist extension, bench braced wrist extension and standing wrist extension are effective ones. However, the standing one is more popular and requires a better grip.

How to Get Bigger Forearms

You should also include a grip focused movement. If you do not do a lot of heavy pulling then add plate pinch, and you can add more plates. It is not just weight but the thickness which will help you make your grip stronger.

Farmer locks and heavy barbell holds are also great workouts to improve your grip.

Tips for Bigger Forearms

  1. Start with 10-20 reps with a lower weight for forearm curls and extension. Heavier weights can lead to joint issues and may not maximize the smaller muscles of the arms before the larger ones get fatigued.
  2. It is best to perform 2-3 sets per exercise, 2-3 exercises per workout and, 2-3 times a week. Study shows that handgrip training doesn’t impact significantly with higher frequency.
  3. Always perform forearm workouts at the end so you don’t affect your training session in fatigued form.

Key Takeaway

Forearm workouts are crucial for your form and gripping.

Working them in isolation can help strengthen the unworked muscles in the forearm and assist in hypertrophy.

If you want to add any other forearm exercise to your arms workout, you can certainly add but makes you keep them to a limit.

Bicep curls are great for forearms but don’t target the brachioradialis in isolation. Reverse grip curl along with one wrist flexion and one wrist extension workout is the best way to get bigger forearms.

Note: For maximum efficiency, please make sure that you’re wearing proper gym clothes.

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