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Forearm Workout: 5 Exercises For Bigger Arms


Creating anything aesthetic takes time and dedication. Now, you put a lot of effort in working major muscle groups. However, the devil is in the details. So, to build an aesthetic body, you need to focus on the major muscle groups as well as the minor groups. This forearm workout is a must if you wish to complete this endeavor.

 Forearms have specific exercises that help build mass and tone them. Its not just about looks. Working out your forearms increases your strength capacity.

How? Good you asked.

First of all, strong forearms give you a strong grip. If you are an athlete or play sports, you know the importance of a strong grip.

Second, it helps you in your daily tasks such as opening jars. Yes, you’ve also seen in movies how important it can be opening jars at the right moment for the right person.

So, strong forearms mean better functional strength. You’ll notice an increase in stability when lifting heavy weights. Speaking of lifting heavy weights, with the added stability, you’ll also see a rise in force production leading to intense burns.

In short, you need to incorporate a forearm workout in your routine. Not only do toned forearms scream peek fitness but also boost your functional strength and grip.

Get Started With A Forearm Workout

You might have noticed that many people just incorporate a few forearm movements in their other upper body workouts. You can follow suit or have a dedicated forearm workout.

Forearm exercises aren’t very difficult to do. However, loading too much weight can lead to excess strain which increases recovery time. This is bad because you kind of need your forearms to lift weights. So, take it easy and gradually increase weight.

You obviously won’t feel the burn during the workout but will notice once your body gets into regeneration mode. Therefore, go easy on the weights.

Stick with 2 to 3 sets of each exercise. The sets depend on whether you are incorporating these movements into your bicep workouts or having a dedicated forearm workout. Each set should consist of 8 to 15 exercises. You can also increase the amount of repetitions depending on your goals.

You can decrease weight and increase reps to tone your forearms or stick with 8 reps of heavy weight to build strength and mass.

Forearm Workout Exercises

Palms-up Wrist Curl

Source: Very Well Fit


          This movement works best when seated

          You can rest your arms on your knees or a surface

          Now, grab dumbbells or an ez-bar

          The key is to keep your arms straight during the movement

          Raise your hands up as high as possible

          Hold for a moment before returning to rest position

Palms-down Wrist Curl

Source: Shape Fit

          This is a reverse grip of the above movement

          Again, you should be seated for this exercise

          Hold dumbbells or an ez-bar with your palms facing downwards

          Keep your arms straight as you raise your hands as high as possible

          Hold for a moment before returning to rest position

Forearm Pull


For this you need a pulley machine. Attach a bar at the top position of the pulley machine.

          Hold the bar with your palms facing downwards

          Now, pull your arms down to the side of your torso

          Try to push the weight down as much as you can

          Keep your arms straight throughout the movement, there should be no bend in your elbows

Forearm Squeeze

Source: Nerd Fitness

For this movement you will need a pair of forearm grips. Using forearm grips is quite straight-forward. If you do not have a pair of forearm grips, you can use a tennis ball or a sock or anything that you can squeeze.

          Now, grab the forearm grips

          Squeeze them and flex your fingers

          Hold for at least 2 to 3 seconds

          Do this for 3 sets of 5 minutes

Behind The Back Cable Curl

Source: Pinterest

You will be needing a pulley machine for this last movement in our forearm workout. However, this time you will be attaching a handle from the lower position of the pulley machine.

          Place your right foot forward and grab the handle with your left hand

          Stand a few paces ahead of the machine

          Now, curl your arm all the way to your shoulder

          Pause for a second before returning to your original position

          The stance is: opposite leg of the lifting hand in front

Forearm Workout: Key Takeaway

Strong forearms help with grip and functional strength. Not only do they add strength, toned forearms are a symbolization of peek fitness. You can incorporate these movements into any workout like triceps or back or have a dedicated forearm workout.

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