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8 Innovative Fitness Classes for Sweat Junkies at Fitness First Dubai

Fitness First Dubai

Are your workouts getting boring or monotonous? Are you losing motivation at the gym? Or, missing the fun element?

Well, then you should check out the actioned-packed fitness classes offered at Fitness First Dubai. They are not just your regular HIIT workouts or grouped exercises.

It has innovative fitness programs which will give you the kind of euphoria and motivation that a sweat junkie desires.

Fitness First Middle East

Fitness First Middle East is one of the world’s leading health and fitness companies. Operated by Landmark Group, Fitness First Middle East has more than 70,000 members in over 50 cities and 66 centers.

At a global scale, Fitness First has over 380 centers and over a million members. A brand with more than 17 years of experience understands the members’ needs and keeps innovating with a responsibility of being one of the fitness leaders.

Innovative Programs at Fitness First Dubai

Purpose of Fitness First is to excite people about fitness and provide services which could facilitate members and keep them motivated.

The philosophy behind the innovative programs is product of their purpose. The innovative programs are introduced across the Middle East and Dubai being the hottest location for fitness enthusiasts.
Innovative programs are designed to address the fun part of working out. These latest programs are designed by top instructors with latest research in physiology and fitness.

1. X-FIT

X-FIT workouts are designed to make you fit overall. It combines strength training with conditioning exercises to give you a complete workout.

Based on the philosophy of High-Intensity Interval Training, X-FIT will help you achieve your maximum potential of fitness.

The X-fit studio has numerous functions for a well-diversified set of exercise. Moreover, it also kits special Rogue equipment usually used for CrossFit workouts.

Exercise include cardio, weight training, Olympic weight-lifting, gymnastics, and body weight conditioning exercises.

X-fit trainers are qualified professionals who have developed an active X-FIT community to keep the program thriving and its members motivated.

A must join for someone who is looking for a mix of everything with high intensity.

2. T.U.F.F. (The Ultimate Fitness Firster)

Another innovative program which is a revolution in burning 800 calories in 45-minutes. Change your body shape dramatically using a three-dimensional plane.

Half the exercises use the boy weight while the other half uses barbells. Focusing on functional training, TUFF uses max interval training which maximizes lean muscle tissue while decreasing body fat.

TUFF is designed for people at every level of fitness, but the question remains are you TUFF enough.

3. Swing Yoga

Swing yoga defines the freedom of movement. Hanging in the air, Swing Yoga has a unique way to stretch and get flexible like no other workout out there.

Swing Yoga is not entirely new, but the facility at Fitness First Dubai has top yogis and a proud community.

Swing Yoga has many benefits over the regular yoga. It is therapeutic in relieving stressed muscle and joints, improving balance, and inversion therapy.

An upside down position can alleviate muscular tension as well as promoting circulation of blood.
As part of our commitment to bring our members the latest innovation in fitness, we are proud to offer Swing Yoga.

Each class has limited number of positions so the trainer can pay closer attention to each attendee.
Available in Motor City and Beach Park Plaza.

4. Pro-Cycling

If you love cycling, then you got to learn from the best.

Pro-Cycling is based on the Olympic track cycling inspired by Victoria Pendelton, a British Olympic gold medalist. It is exclusively designed for Fitness First Middle East.

Pro-cycling encapsulates of three programs with 30 minutes of intense cycling to improve your power, endurance, and stamina.

1. Keirin Class is to enhance endurance with long intervals.
2. Team Sprint to increase power and strength.
3. Individual Sprint to strengthen raw speed and acceleration.

Fitness First Middle East continues to bring the very latest in every workout. The purpose of Pro-Cycling is to get you the right technique taught by professionals so you can achieve your fitness goals faster.

5. HD Elite Rack

For someone who breathes high-intensity strength training, HD Elite Rack is a dream.

Fitness First Dubai provides an energetic environment with HD Elite Rack that uses challenges and contests among the members for motivation and teamwork.

Led by professionals, the group members can learn from expert opinion putting a premium on their performance.

For the ones who love to lift weight and enjoy an energetic vibe fueled by challenges, HD Elite Rack with professional trainers is the perfect fitness group.

6. Escape

Escape is where the workout is fun and not a fitness routine. Here is the catch, with such diversified exercise and tasks you never feel you are working out.

Sweating to the fun is the purpose of escape. As the tagline goes, escape your limits. You avoid the workout through the entertainment and secretly escaping your limits.

Escape is a revolutionary when it comes to strength training. You can work out on your own, but the program lets you work in a team which makes it a lot more entertaining.

Escape requires a whole different approach. If you come with a mindset of having fun, then you will thrive and will get addicted to it.

7. Purmotion

It’s all about the motion in which you move.
Purmotion is a functional training station where your movements are hardwired for better flexibility, building resistance, and most important of all replacing your cardio workout.

Purmotion is designed to make you move and produce better results than your cardio in a lot less time.

According to the experts, this revolutionary satiation does tons more for your than your traditional training methods.

Athletes who are looking to pursue more endurance and faster results, this innovation is perfect for them. You can workout at Purmotion no matter what fitness level you have.

Purmotion is designed with pulleys, bars, ropes and specific weights which allow essential body movements that you have never done before.

PurMotion is available at Fitness First Motor City and Abu Dhabi Mall.

8. Synrgy360

Get all your muscle worked at a single station and all in one go.

Depending on your fitness goals, the trainers will design a circuit based training session for you. With tons of options of at the multi-functional station, you can do more than you think with TRX, Rebounder, kettlebells, medicine balls, punching bags, battling ropes, monkey and pull up bars.

Ultimately, Synrgy360 is a freestyle zone where you can design your session. However, it is recommended to get into a fitness group led by a professional to utilize Synrgy360 best.

You can find First First Innovative Programs at several locations around the region.

Find the Fitness First gym closest to you here.

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