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3 Personal Branding Secrets by Successful Fitness Entrepreneurs


If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results – Tony Robbins

Fitness Entrepreneurs should build their personal brand to make money.

Once you reach a point where you have built an incredible body, pumping iron becomes relatively easy. But the area where most fitness entrepreneurs struggle is creating a personal brand.

If you want to break through the noise on social media, and stand out, you have to work smarter for it.

We asked the following people to answer the top three chosen questions regarding building a personal brand.

  1. What is the biggest challenge building a personal brand through social media? How to resolve it?
  2. What is the biggest challenge when getting sponsors? How to bring them on board?
  3. What is the most common challenge Fitness Entrepreneurs face, and how to resolve it?

1. Robyn Parets

Fitness Entrepreneurs

My name is Robyn Parets and I am the founder of Pretzel Kids, a kids and teen fitness and yoga brand. We offer classes, special events and adult teacher training.

1) What is the biggest challenge when building a personal brand through social media? How to resolve it?

Answer: The challenge is to find a way to stand apart and engage an audience. This means building a community of followers (in our case on Facebook and Instagram) and sharing content that they can relate to and learn from. For us, we have developed educational graphics and videos on children’s fitness and wellness. We also write blog posts on various fitness and wellness topics of interest to our audience. We share this on social media and use the blog content to create evergreen graphics for future sharing. We also test content to see what drives the most engagement. If something work, we will continue to build on this by writing more blogs with similar themes and creating social media posts that touch on these topics.

  1. What is the biggest challenge when getting sponsors? How to bring them on board?

This is a new growth opportunity for us and we are working to bring on our very first sponsors. We have reached out via email and on social media, as well as picked up the phone. It is paying off and we will be announcing partnerships in March and April.

  1. What is the most common challenge Fitness businesses face, and how to resolve it?

I think the biggest challenge is finding a way to generate buzz and stay relevant. More importantly, you’ve got to find that “one thing” that makes you stand out from a crowd. Also, I feel a great brand name is key. In my case, Pretzel Kids was the answer. We had a great name (which is trademarked) and we were able to build upon this. While people may not remember Robyn Parets, the kids yoga teacher, they do remember Pretzel Kids, the leading kids yoga and fitness brand. So, from my experience, I would recommend working on a branding strategy right from the get-go. Once this is in place, you can build on this and grow your brand.

Pretzel Kids social media: FacebookInstagram

Robyn Parets social media: Twitter

2. Lesley Logan

Fitness Entrepreneurs

Pilates Sessions & Retreats, Lesley Logan Pilates

1. What is the biggest challenge when building a personal brand through social media?

The biggest challenge is reaching your ideal audience. Get as clear and precise on who you are trying to attract and reach on social media. What do they do when they are not working out? What are their other interests? Get super specific so you can speak directly to them.

2. What is the biggest challenge when getting sponsors? How to bring them on board?

Sponsors need to know that their ideal client will be influenced by you. Be consistent with your own brand and have analytics that show how well your posts do. Then work with brands that only align with your followers. This means you may say no to some.
Share how you will show off their brand in your authentic way and how this will benefit them. Have a clear plan and show from past posts how you have done campaigns before.

3. What is the most common challenge Fitness Entrepreneurs face, and how to resolve it?

Patience and consistency
Being consistent with your brand, what you post and how you post it. And then, being patient enough to allow your brands to grow organically.

Social Media: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Website: profitablepilates

3. Sergio Rojas

Fitness Entrepreneurs

Functional Movement Specialist
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Wellness Coach

1. What is the biggest challenge when building a personal brand through social media? 

It is so critical to be clear on your WHY. We as fitness professionals teach this to our clients, so they can be internally driven and emotionally motivated to reach their goals. It helps them get through the tough times. Well, this also applies to us as fitness professionals. WHY do we truly want to be a fitness entrepreneur? What is our emotionally compelling reason (our motivation) for this path? because when the times get tough, and they will, especially when starting out, we have to be connected to our WHY, so we keep going. Too many people do it for the wrong reasons, or quit just before they could or would have had breakthroughs.

2. What is the biggest challenge when getting sponsors? How to bring them on board?

Find a mentor (actually 2). I highly suggest finding a mentor in the fitness business that is successful and can help you along the way. They will help you create expectations and overcome obstacles, as well as plan and execute more efficiently and effectively for success. They have been through the bumps, and their experience and guidance is invaluable- as long as you listen and follow guidance. I also suggest finding a successful entrepreneur in another field that is willing to mentor you, so that you can learn from other business models, and get more objective unbiased entrepreneurial advice. This is also very critical for your growth, as you may see things in other businesses that can be applied to the fitness world that others have yet to identify.

3. What is the most common challenge Fitness Entrepreneurs face, and how to resolve it?

Pick a niche that authentically speaks to you, and master it. You want to save the world and help everyone, but that’s the biggest mistake I made when I got started. You need to find a niche market, learn all about them and their needs, then provide a solution for their needs. This will attract the people you are most passionate about. As time goes on, you will be able to add on other specialties, but getting started, you need to be focused in your target market, your language, your programming, offers, etc…

Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter

4. Debra Atkinson

Debra Atkinson34 years fitness industry experience, international presenter on fitness marketing/sales/social media, fitness business consultant & coach

1. The biggest challenge to building a brand through social media is learning how to stand out in a crowd as you keep up with ever changing social medial algorithms.

You have to identify your avatar, exactly who it is that you serve and you should have strong idea of who you don’t serve to match it. I for instance serve women approaching 50 or beyond who want safe, sane, and simple solutions to exercise for hormone balance. I don’t serve those who want a quick fix and an extreme diet or exercise program promising rapid weight loss. Then you have to deliver the message in the way your audience wants to consume it. It takes research (called trial and error sometimes) to identify if they want to read content, listen, or watch video. You need to be where your customer is rather than choose a platform you want to use.

2. The biggest challenge when getting sponsors for your business is twofold: having a track record showing that you offer something of value and you are consistent in providing content consumers want.

When you first begin, of course, you don’t yet have a following or large email list. If you can show steady growth however, and if you are doing #1 really well and it’s a match for a sponsor’s audience you will begin to organically attract sponsors. Don’t be afraid to reach out. The biggest obstacle may be neglecting to ask. An exact ask may not be granted but it could result in a sponsorship relationship of some kind. Asking a sponsor to invest financially for your TV show, for instance, may not happen but you may get gifts for contests that will grow your reach.

3. The most common challenge we face is that your own personal stuff comes up when you begin building a business. You may realize how hard it is to ask for help, delegate, or get frozen in the “why me?” “why would someone want to buy from me?” thoughts that will come up.

It’s a process. Stay connected to other entrepreneurs – across any industry – because they’ve all experienced it. If you don’t, you’re probably not growing big enough! Knowing you’re not alone helping. Asking other entrepreneurs to give their honest feedback about products or services will also help. Online or off, building a fitness business can be isolating and it’s tempting to actually listen to that little voice of doubt inside your head. Make a point of consistently connecting with others who understand what you’re going through.

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5. Jody Fisher

Jody FisherJody Fisher Coaching
Fitness Motivator~Lifestyle Coach~Success Strategist

1. What is the biggest challenge when building a personal brand through social media? How to resolve it? 

New entrepreneurs can get tied up creating their personal brand on social media when they think they have to appeal to everyone. They exhaust themselves trying to create an image that appeals to all. Finding the person and niche they align most closely with brings clarity to the message they should be sharing and draws those they connect with to them. The best time spent on this challenge is to journal regarding their values, strengths, and struggles. The more specific the brand is, the faster they connect with others because clients already know what to expect of them.

2. What is the biggest challenge when getting sponsors? How to bring them on board? 

The challenge to getting sponsors is not sharing the passion in their business and not asking someone to join them. Knowing what their brand stands, sharing that consistently and boldly seeking out partnerships is key. Bring sponsors aboard with a flexible mindset.  Adjustments may need to be made per sponsor to have both the entrepreneur and the sponsor’s needs met. Set a trial period during which both sides can suggest changes to the partnership.

3. What is the most common challenge Fitness Entrepreneurs get, and
how to resolve it?

I find that the most common challenge we face is TIME. Business is not the only responsibility in our days. To use time most wisely when addressing the business, I suggest spending 10-15 minutes brainstorming each morning which tasks need to be accomplished regardless of their deadline. Schedule segments of time solely for business during the day between other priorities. Work time should be fully dedicated without distractions whether it is 15 minutes or an hour at a time. Make sure to mark off time in the day for basic priorities of meals, travel time, and family time. Assign the most immediate tasks to be tackled first in the work time.

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6. Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger

Founder & Director of Elements Fitness Studio

What is the biggest challenge when building a personal brand through social media?

Building the messaging and the followers.

How to resolve it?

I try to connect with my clients on social media and develop brand partnerships.

What is the biggest challenge when getting sponsors?

Really proving that we are a small yet valid brand, and building the relationships necessary to get the most effective partners and brands on board.

How to bring them on board?

This is very difficult, lots of emails and calls about how great we are 🙂

What is the most common challenge Fitness Entrepreneurs get and how to resolve it?

For me it has been growing the brand after our successful start! It’s difficult to scale in the competitive atmosphere of boutique fitness and we have worked very hard to overcome this by performing as a luxury brand that has superior levels of customer assistance.

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7. Jamie Logie

Jamie LogieI’m Jamie Logie a personal trainer, nutritionist and health and wellness coach. I run a blog, podcast and online health coaching site called I’m a contributing writer on health and fitness for places like The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and LifeHack among some others. I am a regular contributor here on HARO and have an Amazon #1 book out called Taking Back Your Health.

1. The biggest problem building a brand is hands down how do you stand out from the rest? There is such an oversaturation in the health and fitness space and so much of it starts to blend together. If you wonder how you can be different the main factor is YOU. No one else has your voice or take on things so you need to play to that. You also need to share your story of how you got here and what your journey has been as that is unique to you.. People are looking for this connection and realness.

2. Sponsors are tough as they are usually just looking for numbers of followers, your reach etc. So that’s going to be the easiest step so you’d need to grow your following. If not it helps to have super passionate and engaged fans to create a real tribe. If you have more interaction and influence this can be prospectively better even if it’s a smaller amount compared to a huge influence who doesn’t have the same reach or connection.

3. I think the most common challenge is how to stay fresh and not blend in. A lot of the whole industry sort of meshes together so you have to take a different approach to stand out. Don’t be afraid to let your personality or sense of humor shine through. This can help separate you from the pack of cookie cutter bland influencers with no soul or depth to their platform.

Social Media: Facebook Instagram

8. Robb Hecht

Robb HechtAs a coach to marketing executives who applies the approaches of fitness to marketing and social media strategy, some tips I recommend to Fitness coaches to become a successful fitness entrepreneur are to develop useful and informational social content, post content frequently to your social feeds, and most importantly to have a genuine brand philosophy story around your services.

1. The biggest challenges when building a personal brand through social media for fitness personalities is to distinguish themselves from everything else out there. Everyone must scan their local market and determine if they are providing differentiated and uniquely packaged services, along with a fitness philosophy that empowers exercisers to take action and want to join in.

2. The biggest challenge when getting sponsors for us is ensuring that your customer base aligns with the offerings of the sponsor, as well as continuing to keep and grow your customer base. As an inherent part of fitness is motivation, successful fitness entrepreneurs
are both body trainers, as well as emotional trainers. Sometimes you may obtain a new customer, only to find they just do not have the motivation to stick with it. Therefore, as its sometimes easier to acquire customers for us, the heavy task is keeping customers. We must thus be likable, motivational and continually present the benefits fitness n everything they do.

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SQUATWOLF believes in promoting health and fitness. We want to help fitness leaders to be able to produce more leaders.

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips for the future fitness entrepreneurs.


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