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21 Most Romantic Fitness Date Ideas

Break the ice, work towards a goal, have a laugh and get started on a charming relationship. Fitness date ideas are becoming popular due to its effectiveness to a healthier bond.

If you have never had a fitness date, you should try from the following list; 21 Sexy Fitness Date Ideas.

1. Cook a Healthy Meal

fitness date ideas

Rather than going to a restaurant, try cooking a healthy meal together.

Get groceries, create an ambiance and spend some time in the kitchen.

In no time, the stove won’t be the only thing getting hot.

2. Couples Massage

fitness date ideas

A massage therapy would be a great way to start your fitness date.

Candle light and soothing music will set you both for a romantic day.

3. Hit the Gym

fitness date ideas

If you want to go the gym anyways, why not take your date.

Spot each other, do couples workout, and sweat through some endorphin for a better bond.

Read a list of 9 hottest couple workouts you can do with your partner anywhere, with no equipment required.

4. Bike Ride

fitness date ideas

Getting around the city on a bike will keep you both engaged in to each other.

You will have similar psychological benefits of traveling. Try a bike ride and you will be surprised on how it will strengthen your relationship.

5. Comedy Show

fitness date ideas

Laughter is the best medicine, as you must have heard a thousand times. It is very true though!

Go for a live show comedy show, or a comedy movie. Essence lies in laughing with each other which creates a bedrock bond.

6. Amusement Park

fitness date ideasAlthough roller coasters are not quite related with healthy benefits. However, the adrenaline rush will get your happy hormones banging for excitement and extreme feelings.

So you better be with your loved one to create that ultimate bonding.

7. Hiking

fitness date ideas

Get lost in the woods with your better half and catch some fresh air.

A little adventurous trip will help you get closer. Don’t forget to get some supplies.

8. Dance Lesson

fitness date ideas

If you don’t know how to dance. Get a dance class.

It’s all about coordination, teamwork, and being mindful of each other. All the prerequisites of a successful relationship.

9. Kickboxing

fitness date ideas

Spice up your relationship with getting more physical.

Grab some boxing glove and pads, and practice some jabs and punches. Disclaimer: It might heat up things quicker than your expectations.

10. Kayaking

fitness date ideas

One of the most romantic scenes to witness is the serene water at the lake or a lagoon.

11. Snorkeling

fitness date ideas

Get underwater and swim with the fishes.

12. Skinny Dip

fitness date ideas

Get little adventurous if you like by Leaving your clothes behind.

Take a nude dip in the lake or at the shore.

13. Ice Skating

fitness date ideas

Skate through the ice with your love.

Ice skating is one of the highest rated couple activity. Skate together, fall together and be there for each other.

14. Paddle Boarding

fitness date ideas

Work with your partner to paddle through the water.

It can be a fun and relaxing activity for you and your partner.

15. Rock Climbing

fitness date ideas

Rock climbing can be challenging, but who doesn’t like one.

Climbing outdoors is better as you can reach the top and have a little celebration.

16. Mini-Golf Course

fitness date ideas

Compete with one another and have your cute moments.

Doesn’t necessarily make you fit but a healthy sport for couples.

17. Animal Affection

fitness date ideas

Zoo is not just for kids, but a popular dating site.

Share your affection together with the animals and get the therapy to create a stronger bond with your partner.

18. Yoga Class

fitness date ideas

Yoga benefits are numerous, and they get better with a partner.

Through the power of touch and mindfulness, couples cultivate physical and emotional support.

19. Water Park

fitness date ideas

Water parks create a united adrenaline rush which helps create a stronger bond. They are fun, relaxing and exciting with all the water splashing.

20. Forget Your Phone Home & Go for a Walk or a Run

fitness date ideas

One of the best ways to spend time is to get lost in each other.

Try forgetting your phone at home, and just for for a run or a walk outside. You will be surprised what kind of impact it would make on your relationship.

21. Love Making

fitness date ideas

If you get any of the above listed healthy, active, and mood-enhancing ideas, then they are poised to lead you to a promising and a healthy intimate session.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any.


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