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5 Fittest Dubai-based Instagram Profiles (Male) with the Most Eye-Catching Content

Most Fit Dubai-based Instagram Profiles (Male) with the Most Eye-Catching Content

Instagram has become quite a hot thing in the fitness industry.

If you are looking for some fitness inspiration, we have sorted out some spot-on Dubai-based Instagram profiles you should follow.

The profiles are not picked according to the most followers or popularity.

But with the most eye-catching posts. All of the trainers/athletes/models are Dubai-based, so you can connect well with their content if you are in Dubai or around.

Below listed five fitness maniacs have astounding bodies and fitness levels and have quite a nag for posting ridiculously amazing content.

Let’s look at ‘em…

1. Omar Ali

Top 5 Dubai-based Fitness Instagram Profiles (Male) with the Most Eye-Catching Content

This guy started from a very young age with a chubby-looking body in his childhood.

Still just 20, Omar is IFBB Certified Trainer and has won Men’s physique twice sponsored by Prosupps.

You will find many of Omar’s posts on his transformation. From a flabby little boy, within a few years, he has morphed himself into a hunk. But, still young, Omar’s best is yet to come, which can be not very comforting.

With a cool hairstyle, you can tell how much he knows about style and swagger.

He likes to show off his muscle and cuts through lots of creative angles and themes, and why if you got a body like that.

2. Walid Yari

Top 5 Dubai-based Fitness Instagram Profiles (Male) with the Most Eye-Catching Content

Walid carries his style with tons of content on creative workouts and fitness tips.

Calling himself ‘TheBeastoftheMiddleEast’ sits quite well on him. Now and then, he will post something ludicrous that will make you roll in the aisles.

Walid also wears a sub-zero-like Training mask doing calisthenics and throws some jaw-dropping cross-fit stunts. You can catch him in Dubai at various fitness centers and gyms just doing his thing.

If you want to look at some fresh stunts with a touch of humor, Walid Yari is one to follow.

3. Adam Flat

Top 5 Dubai-based Fitness Instagram Profiles (Male) with the Most Eye-Catching Content

Inspired by Superman, Adam is a sheer powerlifter.

You can see him doing some military-style training on his Instagram. Most of his pictures are at the gym, putting immense strength into his workouts; yet, they are a delight to watch as you can see his passion sweating off.

Adam is not the show-off type. His business is serious workouts, and they are just inspiring to watch.

He is a must-follow for people who get inspired by absolute power workouts.

4. Nabeel Merchant

Dubai Male Instagram

Well, where do I get started with Nabeel?

Such a multi-talented guy who is a free runner and happens to be great at videography & creating content for his channel @therollingprodigy.

Nabeel creates exciting content for social media. You can see him performing calisthenics. Hanging on the edges of the buildings in Dubai with a stunning view.

His posts will make you fall in love with Dubai, photography, and, of course, the creative work he does.

5. Diego Carrete

Top 5 Dubai-based Fitness Instagram Profiles (Male) with the Most Eye-Catching Content

Personal Trainer and Co-founder at Fitness Rebel.

Diego seems like a top celebrity who is living a high life in Dubai.

His content on Instagram will inspire you to become a model and live a luxurious lifestyle. However, behind that image and great body, there is lots of hard work.

Diego is passionate about fitness. He also loves to travel. From a very young age, he has been into the fitness industry, traveling around Europe.

He stays busy with his social life, and you can tell by lots of fun-filled content on his Instagram. All his pictures are quite professional, with brilliant colors, back views, and dynamics.

Aspiring to be underwear, fashion, or even a classy personal trainer? Follow Diego

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