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How to Build Your Dreams Abs?

How to Build Your Dream Abs

If you’ve been crunching and planking for days and still aren’t seeing your dream abs in the making, then you’re not the only one. A lot of people struggle to lose the stubborn fat on their belly, especially the lower belly. However, with the right habits and routine, you can always achieve the abs of your dreams!

In this guide, we’ll help you build your dream abs effectively and efficiently. You’ll find out the way to design your routine to help you achieve your goal.

Try this washboard ab workout routine to get that chiseled core!

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How to Build Your Dream Abs

Adding cardio into your workout plan is the first and foremost step of developing those chiseled abs. cardio exercises such as a 10 minute HIIT, walking, running, jumping, cycling or dancing not only boost your stamina, they play an important role in building core strength and helping you burn the fat layers covering up your muscles.

According to research, just engaging in regular aerobic movements works up your metabolism and boosts your fat loss journey, which is important to bring those underlying abs to the forefront. In fact, studies also suggest that combining strength training with cardio helps with fat loss much more than strength training alone.

This approach ensures that as you’re sculpting those abs, you’re also keeping that unwanted fat away.

Want more movement? Add this HIIT treadmill workout plan to your routine!


How to Build Your Dream Abs

Working out for hours isn’t enough to build your dream abs. Your diet plays an important role in muscle development. It also impacts your fat storages and how much body fat you carry. Foods that are high in sugars, carbs or sodium are generally responsible for higher fat levels in your body. However, if you consume enough protein, you’re likely to grow and recover your muscle much more efficiently.

A recent study shows that adding more protein In your diet while maintaining a general caloric deficit helps you lose weight and get lean. By pairing up your workouts with nutritious meals, loaded in proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs, and with limited sugars or processed foods, you can easy boost your fitness results. Not only will you feel a difference in your ab definition, you’ll also have much more defined abs.

Want to switch up your dietary habits? Consider moving to the Ideal Protein diet.


six pack abs

If you’re in your teens or 20s, a six-pack is much easier to achieve. Also, your sex plays a part; it is easier for men to achieve a six-pack than women.

The reason? Women’s bodies carry excess fat to bear and feed babies, this fat covers the abdominal muscles.

For women to lose enough body fat to achieve such results, it can affect your menstrual cycle and cause hormonal issues. This isn’t to say it is impossible for a 40-year-old woman to achieve a six-pack, it is just more difficult.

However, it is important to remember that you can achieve your dream abs, without a six-pack. A flat, toned stomach is more than beautiful.

Adopt these 5 daily habits to build your dream abs!

3 Core Exercises

When it comes to training your core and building your abs, there’s a ton of exercises and videos out there for you to watch. Some are great but others might be too complex for you to follow. However, we have listed the 3 uncomplicated exercises that’ll give you a great burn.

Recommended: 15 reps x 3 sets x 5 days a week for each exercise.

Forearm Plank

How to Build Your Dream Abs

An all-time favorite exercise is the plank that gets your core to your toe muscles working!

  • Begin on all fours and bring your weight forwards, tucking your hips.
  • Come down onto your forearms, tuck your toes under, and straighten your legs.
  • Your body should be in a straight line, with your hips tucked.
  • You should feel this in your shoulders and abs, not in your lower back.
  • Hold for up to 90 seconds. Rest.
  • This is one set.

There are adaptions to make this exercise easier, and harder, so you can build up as you improve.

Try this 10 minute plank routine to build your core strength!

Reverse Crunch

How to Build Your Dream Abs

The reverse crunches are the perfect exercise to give you a lower belly burn!

  • Lie on your back, with your legs extended up towards the ceiling.
  • Push your feet towards the ceiling, lifting your bottom from your mat.
  • This works your lower abdominals, pulling that ‘bulge’ in.
  • Exhale to lift, inhale to release.

Sculpt your core with this lower ab workout routine.

Boat Pose

How to Build Your Dream Abs

The boat or V-pose might look easy but it will set your entire body quivering because of how intense this exercise is.

  • Sit on your bottom, feet on the floor, knees bent.
  • Hold behind your thighs, and lean back until you feel a pull on your stomach.
  • Pick your feet up off the floor and straighten your legs, so that you resemble a V shape.
  • Hold for up to 90 seconds.

Repeat these exercises, as specified, and team with your cardio workout and nutrition plan and you will see results in record time.

Try these 10 killer oblique exercises for toned abs so get the curves you dream of!

Key Takeaways

To build your dream abs, you need to make sure you follow the right habits and practices so you’re able to get ripped. From this guide, here are the main takeaways from this blog:

  • Always make room for cardio in your routine, no matter how much you dislike it (I hate it too!) because it burns fats and allows your abs to become visible. You can always pick your fav type such as swimming, running or HIIT.
  • You need to consume a proper diet since abs are made in the kitchen. Make sure 60-70% of your calories come from protein and the remaining from fat and carbs. You also need to cut back on sugar or go on a no sugar diet!
  • By doing regular workouts with core-specific exercises such as crunches and planks, you can build the thickness of your abs, making them more visible.
  • Plenty of water and sufficient sleep is necessary to help you recover and stay energized.
  • No matter what you do, staying consistent is important. You could have the nicest trainer but if you’re not showing up for yourself every day, you won’t get the results you want.
Follow these steps for success on your journey to great abs!


How do you get abs fast?

To build abs, you need to stay consistent. Mix up your regular cardio to burn fat along with strength training to tone and grow muscles, with a focus on core-targeted exercises such as sit-ups, leg raises, flutter kicks and more. You also need to consume a balanced diet with protein, whole grains and a lot of vegetables. You also need to cut out sugar and processed foods. Throughout this time, make sure you’re well hydrated and get plenty of sleep to recover. Remember, the ‘fast’ part about developing your abs varies from one individual to another’s fitness levels and body types.

Can everyone get a six-pack?

Yes! Since everyone has abdominal muscles, anyone can lose fat and do ab workouts to build a six pack. However, how visible your abs will be, depends on your overall body fat percentage and genetic factors impacting your muscle size and fat composition. Cutting back on body fat through nutrition and workout is the key. However, for some, it may be more challenging to develop a six-pack due to their body type or composition.

What is the best exercise to build abs?

The best exercises for abs are the ones that engage all the areas in your core efficiently. This includes Russian twists, planks, flutter kicks, bicycle crunches, hanging leg raises, etc. for strengthening your ab muscles. By doing different exercises and creating a variety in your routine, you can build a solid, six pack by activating and working the deeper ab muscles.


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