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3 Must-Do Deltoid Exercises for Boulder Shoulders

3 Must-Do Deltoid Exercises for Your Shoulder Day

Looking for well-rounded and stronger shoulders popping?

Then you must target all three muscles on your shoulder for well-defined deltoids.

It’s easy to miss working out your delts in isolation with so much to do. Therefore, the best approach is one exercise for each deltoid muscles. and we will tell you which ones to do on your shoulder day.

We will also talk about why you should do them, what deltoid exercises work what muscle, and how to do them?

What are the Deltoids?

“Your deltoids help to lift your arm in front of you, out to the side, overhead, and extend your arms behind you,” explains Cody Braun, Beachbody fitness expert.

The term Deltoids comes from the Greek letter, Delta. Refers to the triangle shape. Deltoid is triangular shaped, broad area comprising of three shoulder muscles right at the top of your arm.

It is the widest at the top and narrows down to its apex at the bottom.

The deltoid muscle contraction happens when the weight is pulled upwards or away from the shoulder around the rotator cuffs.

Deltoid Muscles Anatomy

3 Must-Do Deltoid Exercises for Your Shoulder Day

1. Anterior

Anterior Deltoids are located at the front of the shoulder. Also called front deltoids, get engaged when the shoulder movement is pushing up and forward.

These anterior deltoids can also be activated when pressing, pulling, or doing an arc motion.

2. Lateral

Lateral Deltoids are located at the middle of the shoulder, also known as side deltoids.

Lateral deltoids are the biggest of the muscles among all three and get activated even from the shortest shoulder movement.

3. Posterior

Posterior Deltoids are located at the back of the shoulder, also known as rear deltoids.

Any backward shoulder movement gets the posterior deltoids activated. It is better done when the person is bent over and uses the gravity against the posterior muscle.

Let’s talk about the deltoid exercises which would target each of these deltoid muscles and get you the 3-D shape on the shoulder.

Deltoid Exercises

We have chosen top three deltoid exercises due to their effectiveness, convenience, and isolated muscle contraction. At most, all you need are dumbbells and a workout bench.

1. Arnold Press (Anterior)

3 Must-Do Deltoid Exercises for Your Shoulder Day

  1. Grab your dumbbells.
  2. Take a seat for efficiency, preferably on the workout bench.
  3. Place the dumbbells on your thighs as you sit.
  4. Initial position: Keep your back straight and lift the weights just above your shoulder in front of you ( palm facing towards you.)
  5. Slowly raise your arms and twist your hands inwards and take your arms over your shoulder. Hold for a sec.
  6. Bring back the arms slowly towards against the resistance, back to the initial position.

2. Dumbbell Side Raise (Lateral)

3 Must-Do Deltoid Exercises for Your Shoulder Day

  1. Pick your dumbbells.
  2. Stand straight, chest out and feet not more than shoulder apart.
  3. initial position: Lift the dumbbells on the side keeping arms slightly bent. Hold for a sec.
  4. Slowly bring it back down.

3. Bent Over Lateral Raise (Posterior)

3 Must-Do Deltoid Exercises for Your Shoulder Day

  1. Grab your dumbbells.
  2. Take a seat for efficiency, preferably on the workout bench.
  3. Initial position: Bend forward almost 45 degrees and keep your hands on the side to let the dumbbells hanging.
  4. Keeping your back straight and letting arms slightly bent, pull the dumbbells on the side, against the gravity. Hold for a sec.
  5. Slowly bring back to initial position.


Boulder Shoulders

Shoulders are used almost in every upper body motion as they connect the arms to the upper body. Be it throwing a ball, lifting a suitcase, or passing the ketchup. The deltoid muscles are used all the time. Strengthening the delts won’t make your passing of the sauce any better, but if needed a thousand times, you will be ready.

Moreover, having boulder shoulders help injury prevention when performing chest and back workouts. Make sure you give your shoulders the deserving strength. Throwing a ball once in a while might snap the rotators cuffs if you got weak delts. Regardless, if you are sporty or not, shoulders muscles can save you at several games.

Talking about game, boulder shoulders can complete the lacking component of your V-Taper. Shoulders play a huge part in the appearance of the macho physique. So you have now more than enough reasons to pump those deltoids.

Play Safe!

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