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Started from a living room and now producing superhero athleisure, our fast-paced journey has been nothing short of epic.

In collaboration with DC Comics, we bring you DC Collection X SQUATWOLF.

A minimal yet powerful collection of athleisure that is functional and classy.

The collection features Batman and Superman. 

We designed clothes that their alter egos would easily approve of. By staying true to their heroic identities, we designed contemporary athleisure with striking colors and minimal designs. 

DC Collection Going Live In

Early Access: 

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The DC Collection is contemporary athleisure. It combines the uniqueness of our favorite superheroes with the right colors and designs; there is no chance it will stay on the shelves. 

While we love the growth, the demand from you guys has been unbelievable.

If you’ve set your heart out for this collection, there are two things you should do. 

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Style Guide:


The Batman collections comes in two colors. You can either go for the vintage-yellow or contemporary-black look. We made sure to incorporate the yellows to pay homage to the roots of Batman.

The collection is minimal with simplistic designs. The clothing has 4-way stretch capabilities allowing for seamless movement.

Batman Trucker 

Batman Hoodie 

Batman Long Sleeves Tee

Batman Tee

Batman Tank 

Batman 2-in-1 Shorts


The Superman collection features more powerful colors. With black being the core component of the collection, you can also find red, blue and white colors.

This collection is simple and the fabric comes with 4-way stretch capabilities boosting your mobility for more intense workout.

Superman Trucker 

Superman Hoodie 

Superman Long Sleeves Tee

Superman Tee

Superman Tank 

Superman 2-in-1 Shorts 

The Vibe Behind DC Collection:

One of our main goals when starting SQUATWOLF was to bring new designs and colors to a monotonous line of athleisure. See, before it was just plain activewear.

You’d wear it to the gym and that’s it. 

But, because they are so functional and comfortable, it started to become a daily thing. Now, activewear is in competition with casual wear, its that common.

However, nothing too overpowering though, these designs are meant to be minimal. So, our collection is a blend of simple designs, quality material and the right colors.

Be it Batman or Superman, the vibe was enough to speak, nothing else was needed.

The clothing is clean, and the logos are meticulously placed. There is a shield pattern on the back and it blends well with powerful colors in the collection.

See, it’s not screaming different clothes, the difference is apparent.


Activewear has to give you a boost in activities. Whether it’s sweat absorbing fabric or flexibility; activewear has features to help you on the go. The DC Collection is designed to give you an extra bump when you are in motion.

The fabric is 4-way stretch making it perfect for agility.

The tanks have splits at the hem for more seamless movements, the long sleeves tees have inner mesh panels in the sleeves and the 2-in-1 shorts are composed and agile for the toughest workout routines.  


Batman comes in two colors. We are paying homage to the roots of Batman with a yellow variation. Also, there is an all-black variant for a more contemporary look.

Superman comes in dark, white, red and blue variations. You can represent all of Superman’s different ethos with these colors.

There is a minimal shield pattern running on the back of the clothes.

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