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Cycling Shorts – Your Summer Must-Have


With the trend of active-wear being the new fashion statement, we have welcomed cycling shorts back into our wardrobes this summer.

Cycling shorts, as the name suggests, were initially designed for cycling, to make the experience comfortable in the early 90s.

These shorts have made a comeback in 2017, as part of the athleisure trend.

As the preference of comfortable attire is on the rise, these shorts have become more of a lifestyle choice for women worldwide.

Why You Need Cycling Shorts


Fashion trends aside, you may wonder, how can these tight, body hugging cycling shorts actually be comfortable? 

While imagining comfort, loose, flowy clothes come to mind rather than form fitting ones.

Let us break down the benefits of these cycling shorts to give you a better idea of their functionality and comfort. 

Muscle compression

Cycling shorts offer compression properties to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue while cycling or working out.

This enhances performance during training, and can also help in cooling down after an intense sweat session.

All this will result in increased durations of movement, and allow you to maximize your capabilities and improve endurance. 

Sweat wicking properties

If you’re anything like us, you probably sweat A LOT during your workout sessions.

Whether it’s a round of power packed cardio or an intense weight lifting workout, sweat is something that we can’t avoid. While wearing fitted attire, the biggest concern is the patches of sweat that appear on the clothing.

Especially for shorts, no one likes sweaty patches near the crotch area as it looks…well, embarrassing.

With cycling shorts, you don’t have to worry about those nasties showing up, as they are created with sweat wicking fabric to keep you dry and cool throughout the session. 

Full range of motion

Cycling shorts enhance flexibility and allow freedom of movement for all your workouts, be it cycling or any form of cardio.

This is an extremely important factor for cyclists as they won’t have to worry about the pants getting stuck in the bike chain. 

Makes you aerodynamic

Wearing cycling shorts can make you more aerodynamic, meaning it will reduce wind resistance.

Cyclists know how important this is, as overcoming wind resistance is one of the most challenging and tiring factors associated with cycling.

Plus, wearing skin-tight clothing also reduces direct friction, which occurs when wind comes into contact with the outer surface of the cyclist and the bicycle.

Anti chafing

Chafing mostly occurs while cycling, when the inner thighs constantly rub against the saddle or any other surface.

This causes friction and leads to soreness, irritation and a painful sensation in the affected area. Chafing can occur during various workouts too, which will lead to extreme discomfort and distraction.

Hence, it is important to invest in cycling shorts with premium, soft fabric that prevents the skin from chafing.  

Our Favorite Cycling Shorts

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How To Style Your Cycling Shorts


Now comes the most exciting part of this blog, styling this versatile piece and making your ‘fit game look on point.

What’s awesome is that you can style them up or down, depending on the occasion.

Pair them with a cute crop top for basic loungewear attire or even a blazer to take things up a notch, these little numbers are all your wardrobe needs this summer.

With a Sports Bra


Pair your cycling shorts with a trusted sports bra for a more relaxed gym wear look. Make it a co-ord set with matching colors, or switch things up to make the outfit pop in your own way.

With an Oversized Tee

Oversized tees, like cycling shorts, are all the rave this year. Add an oversized tee with form fitting shorts, and your look is complete. Level up your loungewear look with this winning combo. Tuck the tee in, or tie a knot at the bottom, this look will make you feel chic and put together.

With a Blazer


Style up your look by pairing your cycling shorts with a blazer.

Keep it open with a matching top for a more relaxed look, or fasten a belt around your waist to add a touch of sophistication.

Finish the ‘fit by adding a pair of white chunky trainers or strappy toe sandals.

With a Shirt

Add a twist to smart casual by pairing these shorts with a buttoned shirt. Make the look more formal with a white shirt or opt for a more casual, laid-back style by wearing it with a denim shirt.

Complete The Look

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