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7 Hottest Couple Workouts

Have you ever tried a couple workout? If not, then try the below listed 7 couple workouts that are poised to make your relationship healthy an spice up your sex life.

These couple workouts don’t require any equipment, but each other’s undivided attention. Some are challenging, some are relatively easy. At the end of the day, they will motivate you to stay healthy and create a stronger bond.

As they require nothing but the couple you can do them anywhere you like; at your home or at a park.

1. Wall-Sits: I got your back

Wall sits with your partner’s back.

Be in a stationary squat position. Put your arms inside your partner’s arms just like in the picture. Stay like that for as long as you can.

Key: When you are getting tired, get some support from your partner. Else, both would collapse with sweat, which is not that bad.

2. Plank: Whoever likes it on the top

These kind of planks are great for added pressure for the one below.

You may feel like you have done some great balancing workout. Once in the right position, it helps you to really get sweaty together.

Switch positions, and don’t be scared if it gets too hot.

3. High-Five Plank: Don’t let me down

Planks are great for abs and quads. Simple planks might get little boring.

Here is what you can go. While either being on your forearms or hands, you can face your partner and high-five alternatively with each hand.

It would really test the coordination with your partner.

4. Push-Ups: Get your reward

Push-up is the most common and the popular compound exercise out there.

You can spice it up with having your partner under you just like in the picture above. Every push down don’t forget to recieve your reward.

You both can take turns and switch after your entitled reps. Make sure your hands on the floor are aligned with your shoulders.

Tip: The partner underneath can do hip-lifts as they don’t require any upper body muscles.

5. Synced Squat: Hold me while I..

You have probably done squats once in your life time.

With syncing squats, both of you can squat together and hold other’s hands while going down. When coming back up release the hand, and repeat with the other hand. It will give both of you a balance, and push you to keep your motion synced.

Both of you will require to compromise to match other’s speed and keep coordination. Is that not the key to a successful relationship?

Tip: Keep an eye contact

6. Sit-Ups: Lock them feet

Sit-ups are up there when we talk about abs workouts.

However, it can be difficult to pull those if you don’t have any resistance on your feet. For that many athletes do sit-ups in pairs.

You can have a go with your partner and add to your couple workout routine.

Once you become a pro, you may also be able to kiss one another.

Tip: Keep your workout synced for best results.

7. Sit-Ups: Pro level

If regular Sit-ups are too easy and there is not enough steam in the room. Make it harder and hotter for yourself.

Get one of you to be standing and holding the other by the glutes. While, the one doing the sit-ups must wrap their legs around their partner.

It is not an easy one but with little time and practice you may be able to do the hottest couples workout.

Tip: Trust the other.

We hope you liked our list of couple workouts. If we’ve missed any, let us know in the comments below.

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