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Core Collection X SQUATWOLF

The first part of Core was dropped in August, 2019. The Core Collection is SQUATWOLF’s main collection, an all-round and a multi-purpose collection that incorporates modest fashion with the latest in activewear functionality. 

This in-depth collection features everything you would need to build a classy athleisure wardrobe. 

[ Check out the first part of Core Collection here ]

The Core Collection also features a few firsts for SQUATWOLF. The Core Mac, Windbreaker, Polos for men and appealing accessories for daily use. 

Functional and Minimal | The Optimal Accessories For All-round Use 

As SQUATWOLF evolves, so do our products! 

We have a dream to incorporate functionality, comfort, style and durability to give you an ultimate product. Be it your leggings or stringers; each product has to out last the test of use and fashion. 

The new Core Accessories are optimal for daily use. They were engineered keeping you in mind, your daily struggles and demands from your clothing or accessories. 

Core Holdall 

The Core Holdall is your go-to bag for light travelling around town or for a mini-vacation. 

The Holdall comes in two different sizes, however, only the capacity is what makes them different. 

Both bags come with two easy carry options: hand-held straps or adjustable shoulder straps. The Core Holdalls also has various compartments for storage. 

There is an external shoe compartment and a zipped waterproof compartment to store your wet clothes or towels after a heated workout session. The internal compartments have pouch pockets, a bottle holder and secure phone pocket. 

Core Bumbag

If the Holdall is too much space for you, then the Core Bumbag offers a more compact and stylish option. The Core Bumbag has two wear options: around the waist or around the shoulders.

The main pocket has a back slip pocket for more secure and easy storage. It also has secondary zip pockets. The strap has a heavy duty stainless steel buckle fasten adding to the aesthetics.  

Core Socks

The Core Socks are everything you would expect from a pair of long-lasting and comfortable socks. They are stitched with premium cotton making sure they are soft and durable. 

The material has a breathable and stretchy base allowing you to glide with every step. They are cut for high crew socks and come in a pack of 3 pairs.

Core Beanie

A sleek and comfortable beanie that is optimal for a bit of R&R around town or a brisk run in the early mornings. The Core Beanie is made of soft knitted fabric giving you an original beanie look. The Core Beanie comes in one size that fits all. 

Style Guide:


Core Cuffed Joggers

The Core Cuffed Joggers are made with pure and comfortable cotton. The fabric has 4-way stretch capabilities giving your mobility a boost. They also come with zipped side pockets to keep your valuables stored securely. These sleek joggers are cut for a slim fit. 

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Core Mesh 2-in-1 Shorts

The Core 2-in-1 Shorts are made with lightweight fabric. Both the layers are made with durable blends of fabric. The shorts come with a drawstring fastening for a secure fit and a curved split at the hemline for added movement. 

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Core Mesh Tee:

The Core Mesh Tee is a performance tee made with lightweight fabric that comes with 4-way stretch capabilities. The tee has side splits at the hem for added movement. Also, the Core Mesh Tee is cut for a slim fit.  

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Core Polo 

A first in SQUATWOLF history, the Core Polo is a mid-weight fabric that comes with 4-way stretch capabilities. The polo has button quarter fastening. Unlike the Core Mesh Tee, the polo is cut for a slightly loose fit. 

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Core Windbreaker 

It is water resistant, sleek, and functional with its design; The Core Windbreaker is built to perform. It comes with an adjustable drawcord and an elasticated cuff for a secure fit. It is designed for a relaxed fit. 

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Core Zip Up

The Core Zip Up is a soft-to-touch hoodie with a zip. The zip up also has 4-way stretch capabilities and a full zip front. It has front pockets and a drawstring to adjust the hood.

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Core Oversize Joggers

Made with mid-weight fabric, the Core Joggers are optimal for all sorts of workouts. It has 4-way stretch capabilities, giving your agility a boost. With its functionality and soft-to-touch feel, the Core Joggers are perfect for Yoga or Aerobics. It’s cut for a relaxed fit. 

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Core Agile Leggings

The Core Agile Leggings feature a seam-free waistband giving you comfortability like never before. They have 4-way stretch capabilities and apart from their comfortability, are functional to help you get through the most intense workouts. 

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Core 2-in-1 Shorts

The Core 2-in-1 Shorts are agile and lightweight shorts that come with 4-way stretch capabilities. The top layer of the shorts is made of mesh. The elasticated waist and drawstring fastening help give you a composed fit. They are cut for a high-rise look. 

[ux_products ids=”806991,806985,806979,806958″]

Core Crop Tee: 

The Core Crop Tee is a lightweight workout tee that excels with its minimal looks and relaxed fit. It is a mesh fabric, helping your body breathe through intense workouts. The tee is cut for a cropped length and for a relaxed fit.  

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Core Mesh Tee: 

The Core Mesh Tee will keep you breathing easy and on the go. It is a lightweight workout tee that comes with 4-way stretch capabilities. The Core Mesh Tee has side splits at the hem for added movement. It is cut for a slightly loose fit. 

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Core Mac: 

The Core Mac is an aesthetic and functional top. It is made with a mid-weight fabric and comes with a water resistant finish. The drawstrings around the waist give you an adjustable fit. The Core Mac is cut for a relaxed fit. 

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Core Zip Up

The Core Zip Up is made with mid-weight, yet soft-to-touch fabric. It helps boost your mobility as it comes with 4-way stretch capabilities. The zip up features front pockets with cuffed sleeves and a drawstring to adjust the hood. It is cut for a slightly loose fit.

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