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Code – Ready For Anything


Want to fuel your performance with gym wear that supports your demanding workout routines while being aesthetically on point for all your social needs?

Code – Ready For Anything

This is a versatile collection engineered with premium fabric loaded with sports innovation and inspired by the streets.

It was designed purposefully for your demanding routines, from vigorous training sessions to relaxing studio activities to hangouts with the squad, be ready for anything.

It is functional and an epitome of confidence combined with power. A collection fit to be worn at the gym or out on the streets no matter the time of day.

This collection is all about embracing your rawness and breaking the barriers to revel in your true human form, be it weightlifting, HIIT or calisthenics. Featuring high-performance materials, the collection has multiple colours and styles fit for a robust training or running session.

We have something for all those who want to level up. Code is created for those who live their life beyond the perceived normal, those who endeavour for greatness.

Explore The Code Collection

Code involves a wide array of functional and staple pieces. The quality of the material is unparalleled but it is imperative that our fits do the talking. Here is how our athletes wear Code.

Code Lookbook

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