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Black Friday X is just around the corner and this year it’s going to be BIGGER than ever before. This is your chance to grab exclusive SQUATWOLF gear at up to 50% off.

Not just this, we’ve spent months re-stocking on classics, bestsellers, and everything in between. Oh, we almost forgot, this year we are also dropping an exclusive and fresh collection, that too on discount.

Trust us, this year is going to be EPIC!

And just like every year, guess who benefits the most, YOU!

Why? Because…

  1.       Up to 50% OFF storewide. Yes, everything will be on sale.
  2.       Free worldwide shipping*! Check our shipping page.
  3.       Full Restock of all your favorite styles!
  4.       70+ exclusive Black Friday releases. Follow us on Instagram (@squatwolf), this blog or sign up for early access to get all of the updates first. 

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Wishlist and Discounts For Men

We’ve got a discount of upto 50% on all of our collections.

Check out discounts below and start making your wish list ASAP, it’s the first rule of being prepared for a successful Black Friday X hunt.

A collection of minimal athleisure including compression shorts, seamless tanks and t-shirts, and running tops. The collection is engineered with light-weight material and 4-way stretch capabilities. Its the perfect blend between functionality and aesthetics.

Our Favorites:

Wolf Seamless Tee (Burgundy) | 30% Off

Wolf Seamless Tank (Grey) | 20% Off

Wolf Shorts (Charcoal) | 20% Off

This is the first-ever collection of superhero athleisure. This collections boasts the original Batman colors and contemporary Superman aesthetics.

Also, the collection is made with durable and 4-way stretch fabric giving you flawless mobility with every movement.

Our Favorites:

Batman Hoodie (Yellow) | 20% Off

Superman Shorts (Onyx) | 20% Off

Superman Hoodie (Red) | 20% Off

Be unbreakable with the Core Collection. The collection features Onyx and Grey for all of the products. However, the cornerstone of this collection would be fabric technology. From mesh back panels to anti-odor properties; the Core collection is optimal for intense workout sessions.

Our Favorites: 

Core Tee (Onyx) | 20% Off

Core Joggers (Grey) | 20% Off

Core Basketball Shorts (Onyx) | 20% Off

The Hybrid Collection is a blend of street fashion and fitness wear. The collection features 4 main colors. Also, the fabric is light, durable and has moisture wicking properties.

Our Favorites: 

Hybrid Hoodie (Onyx) | 50% Off

Hybrid Tank (Onyx) | 40% Off

Hybrid 2-in-1 Shorts (Red) | 20% Off

A collection of trucker caps with a variety of colors, our caps are made to outlast. All of our caps have our aesthetic logo on the front with adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure fit.

Our Favorites: 

Wolf Trucker Cap (Khaki) | 20% Off

Wolf Trucker Cap (Salmon) | 20% Off

Lead The Pack Cap (Black) | 20% Off

Stay safe from infectious particles in the air with our collection of effective and reusable masks. From Polygiene® Viraloff® 4-layered masks to graphene enhanced masks; we’ve got just the mask for you to beat Covid-19.

Our Favorites: 

Polygiene® Viraloff® 4-Layer Reusable Mask (Black) | 20% Off

Graphene Enhanced Virus & Bacteria Resistant Mask (Black) | 20% Off

Pack of 5 – PM2.5 Filters | 20% Off 

Sliders are engineered with a durable and lightweight PU base. Also, they come with anti-slip sole and an inner memory foam strap for added comfort. This is your chance to slide into comfortable footwear!

Our Favorites: 

SQUATWOLF 3D Sliders (Onyx) | 20% Off

Wolf 3D Sliders (Coral) | 20% Off

Enhance your workouts with our collection of durable workout equipment. All of the equipment is designed to help you move more flawlessly, while keeping you in control of each movement.

Our Favorites: 

SQUATWOLF Power Band Heavy (Purple) | 50% Off

SQUATWOLF Ab Wheel (Black & Red) | 40% Off

SQUATWOLF Skipping Rope (Silver) | 20% Off

A collection engineered with ultra-soft fabric, mesh panels, Dry-Fit and sweat wicking capabilities. Limitless is designed to truly enhance your limits in the gym with functional clothing that keeps you on the move.

Our Favorites: 

Limitless Track Pants (Black) | 50% Off

Limitless Full Sleeves Tee (Navy) | 25% Off

Limitless 2-in-1 Shorts (Khaki & Black) | 15% Off

Amplify your intensity with the Warrior Collection. The material of the collection is Quick-Dry keeping you fresh even as you blaze through your workouts.

Our Favorites: 

Warrior Hoodie (Black) | 50% Off

Warrior Panel Shorts (Grey) | 50% Off

Warrior Tee (Maroon) | 50% Off

Represent your vibes with the right aesthetics. The Statement Collection is all about bringing your persona to life. The collection is made with premium fabric and functional fabric technology to help you ace your workouts.

Our Favorites: 

Statement Drop Shoulder Top (Olive) | 50% Off

Statement Muscle Tee (Navy) | 30% Off

Statement Classic Joggers (Black) | 20% Off

Look good, move effortlessly with the Vibe Collection. It’s another collection with aesthetics merged with functional fabric to give you all-round athleisure.

Our Favorites: 

Vibe Hoodie (Nude) | 30% Off

Vibe Joggers (Black) | 20% Off

Vibe Shorts (Black) | 20% Off

Lightweight fabric, 4-way stretch and mesh panels; the Evolve Collection is an athleisure must-have. Its one of our core collections that also features teal as a color for men.

Our Favorites: 

Evolve Track Top (Teal) | 40% Off

Evolve Shorts (Grey) | 30% Off

Evolve Tank (Camo) | 20% Off

When Does Black Friday X Start?

November 18th, 2020 at 12PM GST, mark this date on your calendar, save it on your phone, or memorize it because this is your day to cash in on incredible deals.

Check out the timers below to find out when the sale is going live in your region.

Check out the full Black Friday X blog if you have any other queries.

Get Early Access

Stay ahead of the game…

Enter your email below and be the first to know when the sale goes live. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox on the 18th of November.


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