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Here is Why Your Partner Will Be Your Best Gym Buddy

Why your gym buddy should be your real partner

Gym Buddy is vital for people like us who need motivation. Someone to call us saying they are waiting for us at the gym, or either someone dependent on us. We might hate them for not being a slacker for that moment, but after a great workout, we are proud to have them.

However, it is challenging to find the right gym buddy. Someone who has the same goals as you, preferably! Someone whom you know well enough, and is not a stranger. And even if you find that someone, your personalities clash.

If you are struggling to find a gym buddy, who else better than your life partner. Here in this article, we will articulate you to believe that the best person for the position is your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even someone you just started liking.


Why a Gym Buddy Anyways?

Before we delve into why your gym buddy should be your life partner, we want to establish why a gym buddy is indispensable in the first place.

The utmost reason is to find that motivation for the gym. Most of us struggle with abiding motivation. A week of motivation may not be the same for the next, and eventually, it dies down.

Your gym buddy will push you, the same way peer pressure works.

Once you are at the gym, you are not lonely anymore. Gym rats can be quite intimidating as they roam around with sheer arrogance, but having a gym partner will make you feel secure.

The sense of security will let you enjoy the time at the gym. Other than accomplishment joy from the workouts, you will have someone to celebrate with; that’s even better.

Pushing one another to complete the last killer reps. Similarly, spotting one another on the workouts. The competition will breed further motivation.


Problems Finding a Gym Buddy

As firmly as we established that the gym buddy is a no-brainer for people looking for a healthier lifestyle, it is not entirely convenient to find one.

Where to find your match? Friends, family, co-workers, internet sites like Tinder, Buddy for Sports, Quora, or even at the gym. If you find someone you know, that’s great. But usually, it doesn’t work out well, you know that.

Getting a stranger to be your gym partner can make anyone hesitant, of course. Most times, it also doesn’t work out very well.

A few reasons why gym buddies struggle to have a long-term relationship. Most points are similar to having a real relationship.

For instance, mutual timing is a major one. With a fast-paced life, most are busy with our schedules. At times, our personalities clash that we later figure out.

Ironically, for the same reasons, it is best to have your life partner be your gym buddy. It will pro-actively resolve a lot of problems might already have.


Simply Get Your Life Partner to be Your Gym Buddy.

If you have a life partner, they are your best bet. Here is a list of reasons why it’s a great idea:

  1. Both can spend quality time together. In today’s fast-paced life, couples find it hard to give each other time. Working out together can be a great way to spend time and talk about little stuff in between.
  2. Spending more time will allow both to create a stronger bond. Spending time while under the endorphin rush is even better. Your brain chemicals release endorphins when you work out which make you happy and reduces stress.
  3. If you are going through a rough patch, working out together can magically fix things. Happy hormones are released and both of you can be grokking of each other. Best way to resolve misunderstandings.
  4. Both of you can cook together some healthy meals. Cooking can be time-consuming, but both can take turns cooking while others catch up with their other little everyday tasks. It also works best if gym buddies live together.
  5. Most gyms offer discounts on family memberships. Great way to save on gym membership. Moreover, couples can also save money on hiring a personal trainer.


If you don’t have a life partner…

That’s still great news. It means you might find your soul mate while looking for a gym buddy.

I plan to write another blog which will be on; why you should work out on your next date.

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