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5 Best Fitness Apps for 2018 (Free)

Fitness Apps can be a great tool to make you reach your fitness goals more efficiently.

However, with tons of apps available, it is hard to contemplate which ones are practical for you. Until and unless you try all of them. Or research online till you find one which you think would work for you.

Even if you find one, you won’t know if the app you have paid for is the right choice.

We want you to make a better choice. Therefore we’ve done some research and laid down the only possible fitness apps you would need for 2018.

The below-listed are 5 best fitness apps for 2018 that we think are the most popular, practical and sufficient even in the free version.

Best Fitness App # 1. Just Train with Nike.

Best Fitness Apps

Nike can do it, and they just did.

Nike has invested a great deal in its fitness app, Nike Training and designed a practical yet engaging app for athletes.

It includes workouts from the top athletes in the world including Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, and Sydney Leroux Dwyer.

The App consists of all the types of workouts an athlete would desire with GIFs. You can search exercises by muscle groups or workout types

If you are looking for an athletics workout or sports conditioning, this is by far the best app you would find.

Best Fitness App # 2. Jefit; Your Personal Trainer

Best Fitness Apps

If you got no trainer, then you need to download Jefit.

Jefit has a massive database of workouts which exactly tell you how to do any particular exercise. You can choose any workout plan or a bunch for your leg day, for instance.

You can even look for a workout for a particular muscle group. Set them on your schedule or calendar, just as if a Personal Trainer would do it for you.

You can log in your workouts as you complete them, and check your progress, which is crucial for any goal.

Best Fitness App # 3. MyFitnessPal; The Ultimate Diet Tracker

Best Fitness Apps

You keep on eating and don’t keep a count of the calories. That is a poor practice if you have any fitness goals. But we understand as it can be a lot of work and time-consuming.

Hence, we suggest you MyFitnessApp. If you have not heard about the most popular fitness app, MyFitnessPal, then you should download it now.

This app has been around for a long time and is a must for anyone who does conscious eating.

How it works: First, set your goal, such as weight loss. Enter your details and your target weight. The app will suggest you how much calories to consume with what macros.

Whatever you eat during the day, add that to the app, and it will give you all the analysis of your calorie count and macros.

There are already foods and drinks registered into the app with all the nutrients. So there might be no such food which you may not find in the app.

Also, a must app for anyone who doesn’t do conscious dieting will get to learn a whole lot deal about nutrition.

Best Fitness App # 4. LifeSum: Fall in Love with your Diet

Best Fitness AppsLifeSum is quite similar to MyFitnessPal in what it does, but many argue it does better.

Nearly all the features are the same between the two. However, some argue they like using LifeSum.

Here is why; MyFitnessApp is an older app and comparatively little boring to use. Whereas. Lifesum, is more interactive, user-friendly, which gives users a better experience.

However, MyFitnessApp does more in its free version than Lifesum. Here is a link which points out the differences in detail.

In conclusion, both apps can be used interchangeably, and you can identify which one works for you better.

Either of these diet tracking apps is a must-have for 2018, and we hope you link them to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Best Fitness App # 5. Sometimes All You Need is a 7 Minute HIIT

Best Fitness Apps

If you think you don’t have time for the gym, that’s okay. We understand how difficult it is to pull out time from your fast-paced life.

Therefore, we recommend you to download the 7-minute app, if you are a busy person, or always short on time.

7-minute workout is High Intensity Interval Training workout, derived from scientific research. This app will really get you to sweat from the first minute. It will engage all your body muscles. Make your body flexible, and strengthen your body for daily tasks and intermediate sports.

It’s simple; do 12 exercises for 30 seconds each. 10 second of rest between which total to seven minutes.

Videos are available on how to perform each exercise. Speaking trainer will take you through the whole workout. Get your headphones for better experience with a wall and a chair around you.

Disclaimer: Due to its bursting nature, make sure you are sensitive to your body response. If any unexpected pain erupts, stop your work out immediately.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any fitness app.

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