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The 8 Best Cycling Shorts For Women In 2024


Who says you can’t get fit while looking great at the same time? Whether pedaling trails to make miles or hitting the tracks to rev up your heart, you need the right pair of shorts to fuel your power. This is exactly why you need the best cycling shorts to make every kind of workout better and power-packed. Whether you’re looking for padded cycling shorts to stay comfortable during long rides or shorts with pockets for storage on your sprints, this guide has you covered!

Let’s explore the 8 best cycling shorts you need in your wardrobe to elevate your routine.

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A Quick Summary

In this guide, you’ll explore the different kinds of women’s cycling shorts. From the V-biker padded cycling shorts to the ACT cycling shorts with pockets, there 8 different options you can choose from according to your workout. Whether you’re riding your bike on a trail, hitting CrossFit or in a cycling marathon, you’ll find a pair of shorts for each type of routine so you can make an informed decision before getting one for yourself.

1. CORE V-Biker Shorts


If you’re looking for comfort and flexibility, these V-Biker shorts are perfect. They’re specially designed for dynamic movements, no matter the kind of workout you do. Thanks to the lightweight fabric and 4-way stretch features in these shorts, you don’t just look good, you also reach your peak performance with every stride.


  • Move without any restrictions or hindrances in these shorts thanks to the 4-way stretch features.
  • Lightweight fabric prevents you from feeling heavy in your gear, allowing you to run, jog, or ride for longer miles.
  • These cycling shorts with pockets at the back give you secure storage for your accessories.
  • Anti-camel toe technology keeps the shorts from bunching in the crotch area. This prevents constantly adjusting your gear, which could impede your training rhythm.

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2. Women’s Fitness – Tie Shorts


This pair of shorts is perfect for all, from high-intensity, relentless workouts to laid-back, lazy-day yoga sessions. Since they boast a contoured fit, they feel like a second skin, allowing you to move confidently. In addition, they also have a high-rise design, which gives you core stability and prevents your shorts from slipping during intense movements.


  • These shorts wick moisture, so you can stay dry and sprint, cycle, or run without any discomfort.
  • The tie waistband provides a secure, personalized, adaptive fit so your shorts don’t slip down while you’re working out.
  • The high-rise design not only keeps your core stable during ab workouts or heavy lifts but also provides coverage during cycling. This is especially beneficial as it prevents your shorts from slipping while pedaling.

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3. Infinity Seamless Workout Shorts


Want to add some flair to your training routine? Then, the Infinity Seamless shorts are meant for you. A perfect blend of style with functionality, these shorts give you the support you need whether running on a treadmill or doing a HIIT workout routine.


  • Seamless construction of these shorts prevents chafing and irritation in your crotch or butt area, ensuring your workout rhythm is unbroken.
  • The contoured waistband provides compression for core support, helping you in your hardest lifts.
  • The perforated paneling maximizes airflow, giving you the breathability to stay cool when your body temperatures heat up during workouts.

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4. Code Ribbed Biker Shorts


These cycling shorts for women are designed for the modern, active woman who doesn’t want to compromise her style for functionality. The moisture-wicking element makes them stand out, which keeps you dry even during the sweatiest of workouts. This maintains your training momentum, allowing you to focus on growing strength, endurance, and power.


  • Thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric, you stay dry and sweat-free during workouts. This prevents skin irritation due to bacteria growth, which leads to rashes and itching.
  • Soft ribbed fabric is gentle on the skin, allowing you to stay comfortable as you move.
  • The anti-camel toe feature keeps the shorts in place whether you’re cycling or doing lunges or squats. This means the fabric doesn’t sneak up towards the groin area, which could be uncomfortable during your workout.

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5. Infinity Stripe Seamless Shorts


From a seamless fit to a streamlined design, the Infinity Stripe Seamless shorts make you look and feel iconic. They support you through every paddling session, giving you the strength and resilience to keep going. Thanks to the unique reflective pattern on these women’s cycling shorts, you get better visibility for outdoor activities.


  • Seamless fit lets you stretch, bend and move with ease, especially during Yoga or Pilates sessions, preventing any fabric bunching or chafing.
  • Compressive and contoured waistband supports your core and lower back for complex movements such as RDLs or deadlifts.
  • With the reflective pattern feature, you get better visibility for outdoor workouts, allowing you to train effectively.

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6. Untamed 5″ Biker Shorts


Want to know what makes the Untamed 5” Biker Shorts the best cycling shorts out there? The fact that they move with you as you move! From your rigorous training routine to your outdoor activities, these shorts support you through it all. As they fit snugly, they give you the comfort you need to smash every rep effectively.


  • With the 4-way stretch feature, you can stretch down to a deep squat, do donkey kicks, and run effectively.
  • Hit a full range of motion in complex leg movements such as lateral lunges or curtsy lunges thanks to the built-in gusset feature in these women’s cycling shorts.
  • Experience durability in this long-lasting pair of shorts, which withstands wear and tear, especially from rough use in the gym or when cycling.

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7. Essential ACT 7″ Double Layered Cycling Shorts


Made from recycled material, these padded cycling shorts for women are good for the environment and your glutes. The double-layered design gives you extra cushioning and protection, keeping you at ease through longer miles or tougher training sessions. This allows you to push past your limits and feel confident every step of the way.


  • Recycled fabric of these shorts ensures you follow eco-friendly practices and are conscious of your environment.
  • Experience better coverage with the double-layered feature of these shorts, eliminating any chances of your gear being see-through, especially when you sweat.
  • With the side seam pocket, you can easily store your accessories, allowing you to sprint, jog, and ride your bike with your keys and phones tucked away safely.

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8. Essential 7” Cycling Shorts


Infuse some positive energy into your workouts with these Essential 7” Cycling shorts. These flexible shorts allow you to move your legs and thighs easily whenever you hit the paddle. They also give you a flattering fit, creating a ‘lifted’ effect so you feel empowered and give your best in your workout.


  • Thanks to the flexibility of these shorts, you can get a full range of motion and move freely to hit every rep right.
  • The contoured side seams and curved waistband give you that plump, ‘lifted’ effect, allowing you to activate your glute muscles effectively.
  • These cycling shorts with pockets store your accessories safely, keeping your workouts stress-free.

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How to Choose the Right Cycling Shorts According to Your Workout?

Selecting the perfect pair of cycling shorts can greatly enhance your workout experience. Here’s a guide to help you match the right shorts with specific workout types:

1. Road Cycling

Go For: Essential ACT 7″ Double Layered Cycling Shorts

These shorts are great for road rides because they feature a double-layered construction, giving you coverage and comfort on longer, outdoor rides. The recycled fabric ensures your gear is eco-friendly, keeping you dry and sweat-free.

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2. Running or Sprinting

Go For: Infinity Stripe Seamless Shorts

These shorts eliminate any risks of chafing because they offer a seamless design. This is why, they’re perfect for running on longer routes. In addition, the high-waisted fit also gives you core support, which is important in maintaining posture and steady breathing as you run.

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3. Yoga and Pilates

Go For: Women’s Fitness – Tie Shorts

These shorts have an extremely gentle fabric, which is easy and soft on your skin. This makes your laid-back yoga or Pilates session even more relaxing. In addition, since they offer a high-rise, contoured fit, these shorts don’t scrunch up in your butt or crotch area when you bend or stretch. This keeps your workout sessions distraction-free.

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4. HIIT and CrossFit

Go For: Untamed 5″ Biker Shorts

Thanks to their durability and toughness, these shorts withstand rigorous CrossFit or HIIT sessions. They come with 4-way stretch and built-in gusset features that allow you to stretch your limbs out for a full range of motion. These shorts also give you a quick dry effect, preventing heat exhaustion when your body temperatures rise during workouts.

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5. Weightlifting

Go For: Code Ribbed Biker Shorts

Since these shorts have a ribbed texture fabric, they keep you comfortable under the bright gym lights. They also have ACT technology, which keeps your shorts in place while ensuring modesty. This is also great for weightlifting because, with these shorts, you won’t have to spend time adjusting your gear after every rep while doing squats or leg presses. Moreover, the elastic-free waistband prevents that ‘dig-in’ feel when working out, keeping you as comfortable as possible.

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To truly elevate your training experience, you need to make sure you’ve got the right workout gear on, such as these cycling shorts. From intense weightlifting sessions to long-distance cycling rides, these shorts support you in every lift and every stride. Mkae, be sure to go for the right pair of shorts according to your workout routine so you can make the most of your performance.

Remember, these women’s cycling shorts are not just your workout wardrobe essentials. Rather, they make you feel better about yourself and give you the confidence to do more with every rep!


Should women wear cycling shorts?

Of course! If you’re into cycling, running, or other physical activities, it’s a good idea for women to wear cycling shorts. Women’s cycling shorts, especially the padded ones, provide important support and cushioning, making them great for long rides or intense workouts. They can help reduce chafing and discomfort, so they’re essential for active women.

What do women wear under cycling shorts?

Usually, you’re not supposed to wear anything under your cycling shorts. This is to avoid extra layers that could cause rubbing or discomfort. The best cycling shorts have padding built in to protect from chafing and moisture moisture, and provide cushioning. Wearing extra underwear can mess with how the shorts are supposed to work, like keeping you dry and comfortable.

Can curvy girls wear cycling shorts?

Sure! Curvy girls can totally wear cycling shorts for cycling or any other fitness activities. Many brands offer cycling and running shorts for women that are designed to fit all body types, so everyone can find a comfy and supportive pair. Look for features like waistbands without elastic that fit nicely. Also, look for stretchy fabrics that work for different body shapes.

What do female cyclists wear?

Female cyclists often wear women’s cycling shorts for comfort and support. These shorts are designed to reduce chafing, which leads to irritation and discomfort. In addition, you also have the option of padded cycling shorts for long rides or long-distance running. Many also come with pockets for carrying essentials. This ensures they’re comfortable and at ease. On the upper body, they usually wear a supportive sports bra and depending on the weather, a t-shirt or jersey jacket.

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