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Like Athleisure wear? Here’s your style guide!


Ever since we saw Kylie Jenner in Yoga pants, the Athleisure trend has only gone up. Today, Athleisure wear is an actual style, and people are adopting gym clothes into their everyday wardrobe. That being said, every style has to have a proper structure, something that would feel good and look good at the same time. You don’t want to wear gym clothes without having some sense of structure. You don’t want to end up looking like a homeless person walking around in tights and a loose white T-shirt.

To avoid all those fashion nightmares, we are here with a style guide that is sure to improve your look and embrace the true essence of the Athleisure trend.

What is Athleisure?

The formal meaning of the word “Athleisure” is athletic wear that is suitable for both the gym and the outdoors. In all honesty we have paparazzi to owe for this trend, one day a celebrity wore a leather jacket over her yoga pants when going out in public and a reporter took a picture (That’s what happened with Kylie), and now there is a whole fashion trend based around the concept of gym clothes being used as casual wear. The Athleisure trend is probably the healthiest fashion trends of the past decade because this is the only trend that requires you to workout.

How Did This Trend Evolve?

What began as a quick way from going to a brunch with your friends straight after yoga, has become an actual trend that people are trying to recreate while adding their flair to it. Now, you can say goodbye to the days of wearing grungy workout clothes to get-togethers. Athleisure is a comfortable and functional way of wearing clothes, so now you can look trendy with athletic clothes paired with your favorite accessories.

This evolution is real, and we will prove that based on numbers. Since 2012, Athleisure wear has grown at a compound growth rate of 5.6%. This means that the activewear market had increased to $180 billion and is expected to reach $215 billion by 2022. In simple words, the Athleisure trend has evolved tremendously and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.


Ways to Wear:

For those that are new to this trend, here are a few quick tips from our friends at Marsplay that you can use to improve your dress according to the trend.

Dresses with Sneakers

It can be a real struggle to look cute and feel comfortable at the same time. Well, not anymore, next time you want to give off a cool Athleisure vibe, just pair your floral dress with white sneakers, and you are all set.

Mesh Crop Top with Track Suit

Mesh tops are trendy these days and pairing them with a tracksuit can help elevate your look to a whole new level. Just match your tracksuit with a mesh crop top and some stilettos, and you are ready for the world.

Sports Shorts with a T-Shirt

Whether you’re going for aerobics or just a casual brunch with your friends, this look is perfect for all these occasions. With sports shorts trending, pair it with a cute t-shirt and a backpack to complete the look.

Track Pants with Boots

If you’re looking to go stylish, try going for track pants with a pair of boots. This will add an extra edge to your outfit and while giving you that polished Athleisure look.

Hoodie with Sneakers

Going out for a get-together with your friends? Next time, try pairing a hoodie with gym shorts and to enhance the look add mesh socks and sneakers to your look. This is a great way to elevate your outfit while still keeping the Athleisure look.

Mesh Leggings with T-Shirt

If you are looking for a more effortless look, try pairing a T-shirt with mesh leggings and sneakers. Try this out, and you would look no less than any celebrity out there.

These styles can work in both summers and winters, all you need to do is change t-shirts and crop tops to hoodies and sweatshirts according to the weather. A great trend is the one you can try any time of the year.


Quick tips on how to make your style better

Crystalin Marie is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that adores Athleisure wear. For someone that could wear Athleisure every day, here are a few tips that you could use to improve your outfit.

A 3rd Piece Helps

Adding a hoodie or a coat over your Athleisure wear can make your look standout. Just with the help of one extra piece, you can turn your athletic clothes into a full-fledged Athleisure look.

Add some high-end pieces

This tip depends on whether you want to add it or not. Usually, sunglasses, a handbag or leather jacket can elevate your Athleisure look.

Color Coordination is Key

It isn’t necessary, but it makes your outfit more aesthetically appealing. Try cohesion of colors in your outfit; this doesn’t mean that you match your shoes to the color of your leggings, you can choose a theme and work with that. A few examples to this could be going monochrome, or sticking to 2 colors and create cohesion there.

Keep your pieces trendy and fun

With the Athleisure trend rising, there are a lot of places you can get cute athletic clothes. Try and keep things fun by getting your hands on Moto jackets, crop hoodies, and leggings. It isn’t Athleisure if you’re just wearing your worn out gym clothes. You aren’t going to look stylish; you will look like you just rolled out your bed.


Athleisure wear has opened a whole new avenue to the fashion industry, and the best part about it is you have to stay in shape for this trend. From the way things are turning out, the Athleisure trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down or fading out, so might as well get with the times and embrace the change.

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