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Athena Look for Women Athleisure

Athena Collection Banner

The Ancient Greeks were always known for their artwork, architecture, and fashion. Greek fashion remains popular among the designers today and the design possibilities are still unexplored. Like an open canvas –  modern designers love it.

Women fashion is a never-ending tale and the modern designers still get inspiration from the Greeks. SQUAT WOLF designers brought Greek Goddess, Athena, into athleisure – and they’re proud of it.

Athena Look

Athena is identified as a symbol of courage, wisdom, and power. Athena Look was inspired one of the Greek style clothing women wore with pride.

Our idea was to empower women and intimate the can-do attitude for their fitness success.

Here are some characteristics of the Greek mythology and women fashion entailing why SQUAT WOLF mobilizes Athena into activewear.


Greek fashion for women was honored in the ancient time. It was regarded for high stature and the powerful women.

Ancient Greek women had the elegance and style of their own. They had the subtlety about their clothing.

A plain Greek tunic can make you the queen of the party – that is why lots of prom dresses resemble Greek fashion.

Women Athleisure


Beauty is based on two fundamental principles; simplicity and symmetry. For Greeks art, this was the cornerstone.

If you look at any piece of Greek clothing, you will find a balance and proportion to it. Humans like symmetry because they find symmetrical appearances familiar and comforting.

Simple is often an undermined expression but resonates with some most creative designs and inventions.

Simplicity is the keynote to all the true elegance – Coco Chanel



Greek women wore bright and vibrant colors which displayed passion and culture into their lifestyles.

Our choice of color for the Athena range exhibits passion, boldness, and confidence.



Activewear is all about function and comfort. Whereas, athleisure adds fashion and inspiration.

Back then the lives were already active as compared to the sedentary lifestyle of today. Ancient clothing had to be functional which enabled mobility for day-to-day tasks.

Our designers picked two key functional elements which also create a fashionable facet.

High waist: Figure flattering, slimming effect, and tucks in everything for ultimate fit and comfort.

Deeper Overlap V-cut: Firm grip and better airflow while the beauty holds.


Women Athleisure

Modern designers are still able to restyle Greek fashion for women. SQUAT WOLF looks to invigorate the Greek fashion mythology into Athleisure.

Transforming Greek mythology into women activewear was a challenge but we believed it would push forward the progressive activewear industry.

Greek clothing is all about function, style, and stature – which reflects to any gym wear. It inspired SQUAT WOLF to take the step of fancying Greek fashion mythology into the gym and active lifestyle.

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