Personal Trainer

justen pelser

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

I am an outgoing positive individual that lives life to the fullest and always wants the best for others.

Johhanesberg, South Africa

100 Kg

184 cm

Body achieves what the mind believes..

SPECIALTIES: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Pre/Post Natal, Children/Old Age training, Sports conditioning, general fitness

HOBBIES: Cinema, Chilling with Friends, Traveling, Watching Sports

INSPIRATION: God firstly, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

FAVORITE MEAL:  Healthy meal is (Chicken breast/Sweet Potato/Broccoli) and Cheat Meal is Pizza, satisfies the cravings        

EVERYDAY MOTIVATION: My passion and desire to better myself, and become version and role model to others

INSIDE MY GYM BAG: Towel, protein shake, food, headphones, extra shirt and deodorant

OFF-DAY ACTIVITIES: sleep, going to the beach, spending quality time with my girlfriend


Justen Pelser