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7 Must Try Board Sports in Dubai If You Enjoy Extreme Sports

Board Sports Dubai

If you are a board freak or just someone who enjoys extreme sports, you are at the right place to know all about the board sports in Dubai. Dubai has become home to several extreme sports due to growing tourism.

Tourists and ex-pats love Dubai for its diversity despite the scorching heat. The growing trend of extreme sports has created more sensation amongst the adventurous ones here.

Here is Why! Most of the extreme sports require a board to surf, usually on nature surface. Dubai has it all; boarding on sand dunes, water and air. If they don’t have one, they create one; yes, we are referring to indoor snow arena.

Check out the list of board sports in Dubai you can do..


Sandboarding is one popular board sport in Dubai which is understood to be easier than snowboarding. Rightly so, you are less prone to accident until and unless you sand-surf into a friend.

Despite being new to a board sport, you can start with sandboarding on a safer note.
Sand boarding is not just a UAE thing, but is followed all over where you can find the dunes. But Dubai, due to its tourism and extravagant attractions, many discover their first sandboarding experience at the Sahara Desert.

Arabian Adventures offers Rides and Slides package that includes a camel ride.

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Starting from AED 275


No Dubai is not blessed with snow, so they created their own indoor snow slope. They can do it and they have successfully done it.

Sky Dubai at the Emirates Mall is the place you want to go for snowboarding and skiing at the tropical areas of the world.

At almost -4 degrees, you can train with some of the best trainers. They can definitely prepare you for bigger and real slopes.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: AED 150 for an hour which includes all equipment except hats and gloves


Get jet nozzles on your feet and fly over the ocean. Dive in deep, rocket back up to 10, are just some cools things you can do

Flyboarding might make you feel like a superhero performing stunts at the shore. Swimming, flying, and performing flips in the air are just the normal things flyboarders do.

You can do more impressive stunts once you practice the control. Trainers in Dubai will make sure you learn the best way. It’s a must do board sport especially if you like to fly.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: Starting at AED 300 per half an hour, but you can get better season deals


Without any jet or motor, you can move at the speed of almost 100km/hr. Just get a big kite and float with it on the shores of Dubai.

Get a solid grip of the huge parachute-like kite, a surfing board ankled on your feet, and you can partially fly. Jumps can be pretty high so you should be already be little skilled in surfing even flying!

At Kitefly Dubai, you can learn from the best. However, it may not be the easiest of the board sports. After all, it is an extreme sport.

Difficulty: Expert
Cost: Around AED 250 for an hour session


Towed to a motorboat, show off your surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding skills. The sport is open to all age groups, however; it is not easiest of all board sports.

Some beginner level skills in water skiing maybe the prerequisites. But the trainers in Dubai would make sure of that. There are some best wake boarding trainers in Dubai for wakeboarding.

Surfing on the ocean in between a beautiful skyline, Dubai makes some attractive wakeboarding spot for not just tourists but also expats.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: Starting AED 185 per half hour session


There is not much of a difference between zupboarding and wakeboarding and many would prefer zup over wake. Here is why.

Zupboarding has an added feature of sitting, standing, kneeling or even lying on the board. Towed behind a motorboat similar to wakeboarding, you have an option of attaching the rope handle onto the board.

Best for beginners and people of all skill level can enjoy due to its flexibility.

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Starting at AED 250 per 15 minute session


If you are scared of the ocean but would still like to try some water board sports, then Wild Wadi is the place for you.

Just the motor driven waves on a platform where you can surf and practice for the ocean. Couple of options are great for beginners; flowboarding and bodyboarding.

Either stand on the board to surf, or lie down on the board. With continuous water flowing you can get a real hang of the board sports. This might be the place where you want to start if you are a total beginner at the board sports.

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: AED 75 for a 15-minute session


We hope that you liked the whole list of these exciting board sports in Dubai, we couldn’t wait for you to try them all.

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