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5 Types Of Bicep Curls

Want to grow your guns fast? Well then what better way to incorporate not one but 5 different types of bicep curls into your fitness routine?

There are perhaps 10 if not 50 types of bicep curls variations you can do to grow your biceps.

Developing a set of killer biceps is not an easy feat. There is a lot that goes into pumping up your guns. Working on targeted muscles is especially hard because it is not just the exercises it is also your diet that matters. Before working out it is recommended to take a pre-workout so that you can get enough juice to really work those muscles.

However, make sure to stay away from one of those store-bought ones because they contain a lot of harmful ingredients that you wouldn’t want to put in your body. Try the natural pre-workouts instead. Here is a list of natural pre-workout alternatives you can take before hitting the gym.

Anywhoo! Let’s talk more about bicep muscles and how you can grow them with types of bicep curls that are easy and effective.

There are two sets of muscles that get all the tough love in order for them to grow into big guns. First is the bicep brachii, which has a long head and a short head. This muscle is located in the upper arm. Then we have the medial head and brachioradialis which is basically your forearm.

With the right form and movement, both these muscle groups can become big attention-grabbing biceps making people stop and turn.

Here it goes.

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Benefits Of Bicep Curls 

5 Types Of Bicep Curls

Hammer Curls

Barbell Bicep Curls

Preacher Curls

Concentration Curls

Cable Curls

Mistakes To Avoid During Bicep Curls 

Key Takeaway

Benefits Of Bicep Curls

Doing different types of bicep curls two to three times a week is a perfect recipe for gaining muscle mass and it can be easily achieved if you go about it the right way. Besides giving you bigger arms there are several benefits of doing different types of bicep curls such as :


Bicep curls are great for boosting upper body strength helping you perform other exercises with ease. It gives you strong bicep muscles increasing your tolerance for bigger weights and giving you enough strength to do Lat pulldowns and rows easily.


Bicep curls are one of the most versatile upper body exercises out there. You can do them using barbells, resistance bands, dumbbells, cables, or using a pulley machine.


Bicep exercises aren’t very complicated. All you need to know is the proper form and use the proper gym equipment.


Bicep curls are great for isolating the bicep muscles. As you increase the intensity of the exercise you will see the results in only a couple of weeks.

5 Types Of Bicep Curls

Here are five different types of bicep curls we have come up with to help you achieve big, bulky arms. We will explore why the exercises below are effective to grow your biceps and the step-by-step instructions.

1. Hammer Curl

Hammer curl is one of the most common types of bicep curls. It is easy and efficient when it comes to growing your bicep muscles. It specifically targets the “hammers” in your arm, the brachioradialis, and brachialis.


  • Stand in a neutral position and hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands
  • Position your arms by your side holding the dumbbells with a neutral grip
  • Lift your arms up towards your shoulders making sure your elbows are fixed by your side
  • Bring up your arms all the way up to your biceps
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly bring your arms down
  • Repeat 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps

2. Barbell Bicep Curl

The barbell bicep curl is yet another one of the most effective types of bicep curls exercise that puts pressure on your elbow joints and wrist. The motion is shorter but it activates your chest and arm muscles. With this exercise, you can lift heavier weights increasing your chances of gaining muscle mass for a jacked look.

Step By Step

  • Take the barbell and load it up with the weight you are comfortable with
  • Stand in a starting position hip-width apart and make sure your shoulder blades are pulled back
  • Grab the barbell with your palms facing outward
  • Grab onto the barbell and squeeze, you will witness it putting a strain on your muscles
  • Keep your elbows slightly forward and bring your arms up to the shoulder pause and then slowly lower the bar
  • Repeat 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps

3. Preacher Curls

Preacher curls target your biceps when you curl your arms in front of your body. The reason why this exercise is called preacher curl is because you rest your arms on a bench in a praying position. One of the types of bicep curls that are done by competitive bodybuilders is preacher curls.  They specifically target your arms making them bulky. Now you can flex your arms to your friends.

Step By Step

  • Grab your EZ bar and add weights onto the sides
  • Take a seat on the preacher curl station and then hold onto the bar
  • Grip the bar shoulder-width apart
  • Bring the barbell up to your forearms squeezing your biceps
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly lower the bar back to the starting position
  • Do 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps

4. Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are one of the first types of bicep curls you do in the gym. They are easier to do and you don’t have to worry too much about your form. Doing this exercise also ensures both your biceps are targeted in a symmetrical way. You work on each arm separately making your biceps look equally big and strong.

Step By Step

  • Grab a dumbbell and sit on the edge of the bench
  • Slightly bend over and place your arm on the inside of one of your thighs
  • You can hold onto your other leg for support
  • Allow your arm to extend fully so that the dumbbell is closer to the floor
  • Bring your arm up curling the bicep up to the forearm
  • Squeeze your biceps putting the strain on your arm muscles, hold the position for a few seconds then slowly bring the dumbbell down
  • Repeat 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps

5. Cable Curls

There are many different types of biceps curls that require a barbell or dumbbells but the cable curls activate several muscle groups in one go. It also puts less strain on your wrists making it one of the most efficient exercises to grow your bicep curls.

Step By Step

  • Take an EZ or straight barbell and attach it to the pulley
  • Position the bar on the lowest platform
  • Grip the bar and position it at your thighs, hold the arms in front of your body and make sure your body is in a straight stance
  • Your spine should be straight, core engaged, and feet shoulder-width apart
  • Bring the bar towards your shoulders squeezing your bicep muscle and then mindfully bring it down
  • Do 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps

Mistakes To Avoid During Bicep Curls

Now that we are familiar with different types of bicep curls and how to do them, let’s discuss some common mistakes and how one can avoid them.

Slinging your arms

Avoid slinging your arms back and forth. When performing bicep curls you have to make sure your back is straight, and your elbows locked to the side so that the exercise targets the bicep muscles. Avoid moving the whole arm during curls.

Arching Your Back

When doing any exercise be it upper or lower body, the rule is to keep your core engaged and your back straight. Doing so prevents you from possibly getting injured. It also ensures you perform the exercise correctly leading to effective results.

Heavy Weights

When performing different types of bicep curls don’t go overboard with the weights. You might be tempted to go for heavier dumbbells or more plates on the barbell but it’s going to give you big muscles in a day. Lighter weights with controlled reps are ideal to build muscles, whereas heavier weights are only going to lead to the possibility of injury.

It should be noted that you can use heavier weights but not more than your usual go-to weight. Also, it is better to gradually introduce heavier weights to your regime.

Key Takeaway

Growing biceps is not an easy task, it requires hard work, and discipline but most importantly it requires the right types of bicep curls exercises to help you achieve those head-turning gigantic guns. The five types of bicep curls exercises mentioned above are your way to achieving your upper body goals. Pair these exercises with upper body workouts for a Greek God physique.

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