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4 Ways To Maintain Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution

Every year you decide to list down the things you are going to start doing next year to improve your life but to no avail. New years resolutions are something that almost everyone fails to follow through.

“I’ll start eating healthy next year”


“I’ll start working out properly next year”

These two are perhaps the most common new year resolutions out there. One of the most difficult things to do is maintain your fitness regime. It requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance. It is tough but not impossible.

We have come up with four different ways you can follow through with your fitness new years resolution without getting overwhelmed.

1.Setting Up Mini Goals

Fitness new year's resolution - Setting Mini Goals

Achieving small goals are generally easy and lead to more success compared to bigger ones. There is nothing wrong with having big goals, but it is unrealistic to expect yourself to follow through each time. With small goals, you stay motivated and feel good every step of the way.

That’s why when you make a fitness new years resolution, start small. For instance, instead of “ I will work out two hours every day starting next year “, go for something like “ I will work out at least three times a day for 20 to 30 minutes”.

2.Gym/Accountability Partner

Fitness new year's resolution - Gym Partner

Sometimes having someone by your side for moral support is all one needs to follow through with fitness new Year’s resolution. Study suggests that having workout buddies is key to success when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

They not only push you to go harder but also hold you accountable in case you slack off, increasing your motivation to do better.

3. Plan It Out

Fitness new year's resolution - Plan It Out

You should always have a plan whether it’s related to exercise or anything else in your life. Once you have set plans in motion it will be easier for you to follow through with your fitness regime and sustain it too.

4. Reward Yourself

Fitness new year's resolution - Reward Your Self

We are conditioned to work harder if we are to get a reward at the end of a task. Rewarding yourself for a job well done is a great way to keep motivation levels high and sustain your fitness resolutions. However, that doesn’t mean you eat 12 donuts in one go.

A sweet treat at the end of the day after eating healthy and working out is going to keep you feeling less miserable and make you get out of bed the next morning without hating everything and everyone.

Another great way of rewarding yourself while maintaining your fitness new year’s resolution is by buying yourself new gym clothes from SQUATWOLF. There is something for everyone, from different colour palettes, to designs and fitness levels, you name it we got it!

Key Takeaway

The most important aspect of committing to a new year’s resolution is to keep trying. There will be days you won’t feel like even getting out of bed let alone whipping up a salad and run 10 miles, but you can always start over the next day by eating maybe one healthy meal a day and going for a light walk. Perseverance is key to following through with your new year’s resolution, everything else automatically falls into place.

We hope the four pointers above help with your fitness journey and you have a very fruitful, healthy, and a happy new year!

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