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12 Zodiac Signs And Their Workouts

Every one of us has a different workout style. Some people like intense workouts while others enjoy more relaxing exercises that focus on body movement and breath work. Since there are endless workout options, it could lead to confusion. To help you deal with that confusion we have devised a list of workouts suitable for you according to your zodiac sign.

Now, we know this is not the traditional nor a scientific way of determining the suitable workout, but it adds an element of fun to your routine and there’s no harm in experimenting.

Here are 12 zodiac signs and their workouts:

Aries – running

Aries being a cardinal sign wants to initiate and direct its fire energy into activities that require the maximum amount of physical strain. Running is a great way for Aries to let off all the steam and strive to be the first to reach the finish line. It is also a great way for them to be competitive.

Taurus – Hiking

Taurus rules the neck and exudes earthy vibes that’s why something more practical like walking their dog in the park that also connects them to nature is great for them. Another great way of burning some calories is hiking. A great outdoor activity to help Taurus be one with nature and burn calories along the way.

Taurus wants to be surrounded by open spaces and fresh air because it makes them feel grounded.

Gemini –  Tennis

Geminis are active and restless so a challenging game with another person like tennis is perfect for them. However, they can also do yoga to level down their anxious and nervous energy. It will help them enter “blank zone”, making them feel more relaxed. They can shut off their brain and slow down their racing thoughts.

Cancer –  Yoga

Cancers exude tender, soft, and nurturing vibes so yoga or Pilates are excellent for them. Their moods are driven by the cycles of the moon, and that’s why energy levels change frequently and unlike other zodiac signs it can be tough for them to regulate their moods making exercises with breath work a fitting choice for them.

Leo –  Boxing

Leo wants to be seen and be the center of attention. Therefore, something elaborate and out there, a sport they can show off like boxing or kickboxing is a great form of workout for these fiery people. They want their body to be engaged and sweat to be dripping during exercise, or they feel like they haven’t moved an inch.

Virgo – Gym

Virgos have a calming and stable vibe to them that’s why generic workouts at the gym or walking are two of the best options for them. This way they can burn calories without feeling overwhelmed. Another option for them would be the complete opposite which is cross fit. Since, they are so disciplined cross fit can help them feel grounded.

Libra – Zumba

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus and that’s why its all about beautiful and fun things. What better way to burn calories while having fun than to do Zumba. Zumba dancing is a form of workout which can help you channel your artistic expression, perfect for fun-loving and colourful libras out there.

Scorpio –  Kickboxing

Scorpios are ruthless when it comes to their workout routines, because they are filled to the brim with mysterious and dark energies, they need an outlet. Kickboxing is a great way for them to let go of their darkness all the while kicking the living day lights out of their opponent. A great competitive sport that’s going to help Scorpios channel their so-called “bloodlust”.

Sagittarius –  Bungee Workout

Ah, the most adventurous zodiac sign out there! Sagittarius has a lot of energy in them that needs to be let out. A sport like a bungee workout is a great way for them to burn calories and get their bodies moving. Another excellent option is a group run. That way they can burn calories and utilize their social energy allowing them to feel energetically fulfilled at the end of the day.

Capricorn – Bootcamp

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and it is an earth sign. Think of it as the “dad” of the zodiac signs, serious and stoic. This sign would require something more grounded or military style to help it burn some much-needed calories. Think running, or boot camp at dawn.

Aquarius – Fencing

Aquarius prides itself in being different and that’s why would require a unique workout. Something that most people don’t even think about such as fencing. Now, I am sure you don’t know a lot of people taking up fencing to burn calories, similarly aerial yoga is another great option for them. Its great for body movements and burning calories.

Pisces –Swimming

Pisces are the mermaids of the zodiac, when the world was being created they left half of their hearts underwater. This ethereal and otherworldly zodiac sign wants to connect to its roots while working out, that’s why water-related sports such as swimming is a great way for them to get a workout in. Water aerobics and yoga are also great workout options.

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