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10 Minute Plank Workout – 10 Ways to Empower Yourself

10-Minute Plank Workout

Planks are incredibly popular but very few know how efficient they are. In fact, a recent study shows that regular plank exercise can improve physical fitness some levels of immunocyte function (in middle-aged men) in a period of 4 weeks. A 10 minute plank workout daily can empower you with great dexterity. This exercise requires great focus and mental strength, and can sync your body and mind, making you feel better about yourself.

Since this exercise requires no equipment and can be done anywhere, it’s a great for core strength and muscle development. And the best part is – you can do it on-the-go. All you need is a flat surface to fully stretch out with all the limbs wide spread so you can start doing this exercise. 

However, don’t be fooled by this stationary exercise. While it looks easy, it can give you a killer burn on your core. It is the most effective exercise you can do using your body weight.

From your abs to gluteus, spine to quads, this exercise strengthens your muscle without any body movement. The key to get maximum results is to focus on the correct form and hold your weight.

Try this complete, body-weight only workout routine.

Take me the Squat Wolf 10-minute Plank Workout

10 Ways to Empower Yourself 

You will be surprised as what a daily 10 minute plank workout can do for you. Let’s look at the incredible things that will start to happen if you follow a daily 10 minute planks workout.

1. You Will Build A Stronger Core

Planks are best known to strengthen your core muscles. To start off, they give your core a solid burn. The start of the 10 minute plank workout maybe easy but you will start to feel your body weight after a while. Make sure you keep your body straight and do not lose focus.

While planks help you shed fat and burn calories at a slower rate, they do give you a flatter stomach and harden your abdominal muscles steadily. It may sound easy to do, but within the first 30 seconds, you’ll really start to feel them!

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2. You Will Have A Solid Spine

Another benefit of this exercise is that it strengthens your spine without any flexing, effectively. Usually abdominal and back exercises such as crunches and sit ups cause back injury. Planks are more frequently used in military training for its effectiveness.

Lower back pain has become the leading cause of disability, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. Flexion exercises for back can be dangerous for weaker spines. Therefore, planks are the best solution for back pains.

Feel it in your lower back? Train your core with flutter kicks instead!

3. You Will Be Able To Hold A Better Posture

To strengthen your spine without any flexing, you can always count on planks. Usually abdominal and back exercises such as crunches and sit ups cause back injury. Planks are more frequently used in military training for its effectiveness.

Lower back pain has become the leading cause of disability, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. Flexion exercises for back can be dangerous for weaker spines. Therefore, planks are the best solution for back pains that lead to a poor, hunched posture.

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4. You Will Be Able Power Pose To Feel Confident

Harvard Business School, social psychologist, Amy Cuddy has spoken about power posing at a Ted Talk. She says that a two-minute power posing will skyrocket your confidence.

Power posing is pulling out your chest and posing like Superman. We can use such technique before any big performance or event for a boost. Planks tend to give you a power pose naturally without you making any effort.

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5. You Will Gain Mental Strength And Focus

When you are in a plank position, the timer on the floor ticks way slower. You know you have to reach the target and stay put. That is when your mental energy and focus are tested and you gain mental strength.

Planks won’t just strengthen your body, but also give you mental strength. Planks require lots of focus and mental energy to stay in a straight position. Daily 10 minute plank workout will also let you keep the mental focus for the day.

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6. You Will Boost Your Metabolism

Experts recommend planks over other exercises as they burn calories much faster. Planks are great for older people because as we age, our metabolism rate slows down significantly. Moreover, planks are safer to do people with back problems.

Therefore, a 10 minute plank workout everyday would be the perfect solution for people with sedentary lifestyle or poor fitness levels.

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7. Your Body Will Have More Flexibility

Not only will they strengthen your body, planks will also make you more flexible. Plank position stretches posterior muscles of your back and legs. From your collarbone to toes, the stretch provides a greater flexibility.

Our muscles tend to contract and tighten if we skip our exercises. A 10 minute plank workout would make sure you have loosened and stretched your muscles every day.

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8. You Will Get A Better Balance

Stronger core muscles will let you hold your body easily. As your core connects your upper body and legs, a stronger core will you better balance. A better balance will let you execute physical tasks way better.

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9. You Will Have Extra Energy

With a better balance and more flexibility, your daily tasks will become easier to perform. At the same time, you will have more energy to work throughout the day. Due to less fat and stronger muscles, there will be less exertion on your body.

If you want to keep up with the energy, do not miss your 10 minute plank workout.

If you’re feeling low on energy, try these on-the-go healthy snacks for busy people before workout!

10. You Will Be Happier

Putting it all together, ultimately you will be happier with your performance and productivity. As a result, your mood would be elevated and you will lessen your stress and cortisol levels. At the end of the day, what matters is you are living a positive and happier life.

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Try Out the Squat Wolf 10 Minute Plank Workout

Squat Wolf has designed a 10 minute plank workout for tone your abs, glutes, quads, arms, and shoulders.

The key to get best out of it is consistency. The most powerful thing would be to add this workout to your daily routine. According to experts, creating a habit takes 21 days. We suggest you try it out for 21 days and witness the empowerment.

10 minute plank workout

Frequently Asked Questions

Do planks help get a flat stomach?

A powerhouse exercise for achieving a toned and flat stomach, planks are a wonderful exercise to do anywhere, anytime. By working all parts of your core including your transverse abs, obliques and rectus abdominus, this exercise strengthens and firms up the ab area. Do this exercise along with a healthy, protein-rich diet to cut down body fat so you can actually get a flatter stomach out of this workout!

How many times a week should you do the plank?

You should do planks almost 3-5 times a week as part of your workout routine. This is perfect for developing endurance in your core muscles and helping you build strength. To see any results, you need to stay consistent. Also, make sure you’re incorporating rest days to let your muscles rest, recover and repair efficiently. Ideally, you should do planks everyday and space out the exercise to 3-4 times a day, adding 10 more seconds every time.

What are the benefits of doing planks?

Some of the main benefits of planks include a stronger core, which is crucial for fitness and structural stability. In addition, planks also improve your posture, giving you strength in your back, shoulders, chest, neck, and abs. It also improves your flexibility, strengthens your spine-supporting muscles and gives you a better balance and coordination.

How long should you plank a day?

You should aim for 20-30 seconds of plank per set to start off with. As you build your endurance, start pushing it to 2-3 minutes of planks a day. Make sure you’re doing this across several sets and not just in one. Make sure your form is accurate so you’re getting the most benefits out of this exercise while reducing any risks of injuries.

Can you get a 6 pack from just planking?

Because planks strengthen your core muscles, this exercise ends up helping you sculpt a six-pack. However, you can only develop visible abs when you reduce your overall body fat through a combo of cardio workouts, strength training and maintaining a caloric deficit in a protein-rich diet. You can’t get a six-pack just by planking – you need a combination of everything to get them!

How long do you have to do planks to see results?

It depends on your fitness level, practice, improvements in core strength and overall stability for your abs to be visible and be noticed within 2-4 weeks. However, for a flatter stomach, you need to keep practicing a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan. It’s important to maintain a caloric deficit so you’re able to maintain your abs in the long-run.

If you can hold a plank for two minutes, you are already in the category of “fit”. Challenge yourself further by adding difficult variations.


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